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Manage Your Start-Up Business with the Right People

Date Added: December 05, 2013 01:43:08 AM

When it's time to add more people to your starter team, you need to thoroughly consider who and how to hire your recruits. The right people should at least have taken management courses from reputable firms, such as Hemsley Fraser. Managing your start-up business will be a lot easier if you have these people by your side.


A good advisor is essential from the first day of your business. You will need someone who already has extensive experience and has clocked in years of working in your field. A great advisor is someone who can help you with judgment calls that will prevent costly mistakes. If your advisor has financial resources and lots of connections as well as skills that you sorely lack, he can also function as your business partner. When your business grows and expands further, this advisor/business partner deserves a seat at your board of directors.

Sales Manager

You will need leads to make money for your business and this is where your sales manager comes in. It's his job to get lots of exposure for your product and to reel in the customers. It's best to get someone who will work with you, as opposed to someone who will work FOR you. The former can help you set up and implement your business strategy.

Chief Executive Officer

You don't need to be the CEO of your own company, especially if you lack the skills for it. You need to hire a chief executive who will take care of the little details for you. It's their job to determine how to achieve your business goals, how to balance the cash, and look for the people you need. While your CEO is busy running the specifics of your business, you can find time to look at the overall picture and decide on where your company is heading next. Some of the best CEOs have taken project management training from Hemsley Fraser.

When you have already found the people you are looking for, you should also invest in making their skills more valuable for you in the future. Companies like Hemsley Fraser provide world-class training for almost all levels of employees. Hemsley Fraser was named as one of the top 20 training outsourcing companies and it is known for its world-class leadership training. Check out their website,, for their list of learning solutions.