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Malaga, Spain’s Paradise for Tourists

Date Added: July 24, 2013 10:09:46 PM

Malaga is the capital of the Province of Malaga that is located in Andalusia, Spain. It lies in Costa del Sol (meaning Coast of the Sun) and offers one of the warmest winters in entire Europe. Because of its subtropical-Mediterranean climate, tourists need not worry about the weather because summertime falls from April to November. Since it is dubbed as one of the earliest cities in the world, one can never go wrong on popular destinations that can satiate a tourist's desire for an escape of a lifetime.

Places to Stay

Starting with hotels, malaga hotels can offer top-notch facilities similar to five-star Madrid hotels that are recognized as among the best in the world. Hotels like Hotel Molina Lario, Barcelo Malaga, and Malaga Hotel Picasso among a few offer new amenities like bar and lounge, a business center, restaurants, swimming pools, wheelchair access, and even shuttle bus services. These amenities can truly make a tourist feel at home.

Events to Watch Out

To truly taste and experience Malaga, one can check the city's colorful happenings. Such activities range from music performances from local artists to exciting fairs and fiestas like Virgen del Carmen feast, Los Boliches Feast, and even the US Independence Day. It is not surprising for this city to celebrate July 4th as its own because this is its way of paying tribute to their local military leader Bernardo de Galvez for his role in helping 13 colonies win their independence from the British army. The city also offers water sport events for the swimming enthusiasts, like the Tomas Garcia Zamudio Memorial Swimming Race, that is organized by the Malaga Mediterranean Royal Club.

Must Visit Places

For ancient ruins and architectural treasures, Malaga could never fall short. This city houses the world's best-preserved fortification, the Alcazaba. It was built by the Hammudid dynasty in the 11th century. Another ancient spectacle is the Malaga Cathedral that houses a number of grand artworks that are displayed in the cathedral's sanctuary. With its magnificent Baroque façade, this church is truly a must see. The Phoenician wall, Picasso Museum, and Roman theatre are other gems that will take the tourists to another era.

City Escapade

For those who can't get enough and want to bring a piece of the city on their return, the city's shopping district does not disappoint. It boasts of unique gift and souvenir shops and exclusive shops that sell both local and international brands like those exquisite items that you can usually find in a hotel Madrid. Elite spas, on the other hand, take care of tired tourists after a long day of Malaga adventure. Malaga's very exciting nightspots are also popular among tourists with many old-style and exclusive bars to choose from. With the city's historic charm combined with these modern lifestyles, Malaga offers the best of both worlds.

A Malaga adventure is like time traveling. With a stroll in the prehistoric ruins and a taste of the modern world, Malaga is truly a tourist's paradise.