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Mac Computers, iMac and MacBooks

Date Added: July 09, 2013 01:53:11 PM

In this article, I will share my knowledge about Apple’s Mac desktop computers and MacBooks, iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPhone.

Apple started its Mac computer manufacturing in 80’s but for reasons or the other, the company could not impress the consumer market. Microsoft operating system ruled the globe for several decades until a times arrived which diverted computer users from PC computers to Mac computers. Initially Apple computers were manufactured with IBM processor which was one of the reasons why Mac computer were not popular because all PC computers were using Intel chipsets and all programs were being written for Intel based computers and because Mac computers were G based, it was hard for software developers to make small changes to their programs to make it work with Mac machines.

There is still a huge market that is dominated by personal computers but Mac computers are getting more and more familiar. About 5 years back, I had no idea about the future of these Apple’s computers but now it is booming. Mac Computers are machines made by one and only one company known as Apple. All the hardware and software is the ownership of just one company. I don’t think, it’s a good news for businesses. When it comes to PCs, there so many companies involved in making hardware or mostly making computers and laptops. Anyways, coming back to topic, Mac computers are getting popular day by day.

There are two big time reasons why these machines are getting popular. Number one is the software is better because a) it does not catch viruses very often b) it is more innovative. The second reason is the introduction of Intel based machines. Because most of the software or applications are Intel based. Apple smelled it and took the right step to move to Intel chipset. Apart from these two reasons, apple hardware is a little better then a normal hardware.

Apple has launched most of their best machines so far. In desktop, they have made two kinds so far, a tower and all in one iMac. In towers they mad small cubical CPUs called Mac mini. In laptops they made PowerBook G4, iBook, MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro. If I dig it further then they made two kinds of families of MacBooks, a unibody and a pre-Unibody. Same way in desktop they had Power PCs with IBM chip and later on they came with Intel based machines.

The operating system which usually called OSX, is also developed by Apple. Some of the most popular names of these operating systems are Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. OSX, Lion is the latest operating system in today’s date.

There are usually two kinds of drawbacks when it comes to Mac desktop computers and MacBooks. One is not every application or software is compatible with Mac operating systems. As time goes on, more and more applications are being developed for Mac computers. In the beginning it was a huge problem because most of software was not compatible. This trend has changed dramatically over the past few years. Second, these machines are pricey compare to PCs and PC laptops. Mac users justify it by saying that the cost over time is not that much which make it sounds better. Mac recovery works the same way as PCs. Apple computers uses hardware from third parities and software from Apple.

In this article I have explained in detail about Apple’s family of Mac computers, operating systems, advantages and disadvantages.

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