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Lichen planus and Homeopathy

Date Added: October 09, 2007 12:25:13 PM

            Lichen planus is a fairly uncommon skin disorder. There is no known cause for this condition and there is no cure. It is a theory that an immune disorder caused by an infection or allergic reaction to certain medicines causes the inflammatory cells to mistake skin cells for foreign cells and it attacks them. Thus leaving lesions on the skin. The lesions that are left by Lichen planus often appear on the insides of wrists, on the ankles, on the front of the legs and the lower back and neck. Less often they appear on the gentiles and in the mouth. The outbreaks can last for months or even years in most cases. The outbreaks can last longer if they are on the gentiles or in the mouth. These lesions look different from psoriasis, Lichen planus have more of a pattern to them that are lacy white or reticulate that is called Wickham's striae.

            Lichen planus is a chronic skin condition. Meaning that it is reoccurring. You may find raised skin that is colored brown to black and very itchy with an irregular shape (usually rectangular or polygonal). You may also see reddish-purple bumps that appear flat topped and shiny. The shininess is due to a very small scale like substance. Like any other rash the bumps start of in a small area and often spread to any other part of the body. Mostly the limbs are affected first but not all the time. The symptoms of Lichen planus include: small pink or purple bumps, raised itch skin, rash or ulcers in the mouth and blue areas on the tongue and/or cheeks, gentile itch and rash, rectum itching.

 Lichen Planopilaris is the specific name given to lichen planus where hair lose is involved (most often the head). Lichen Planopilaris can cause permanent, scarring alopecia. 40% of scarring alopecia cases doctors will see are due to lichen planopilaris. Lichen planopilaris usually pops up in middle aged adults, but there are cases of lichen planopilaris reported as young as 13 years old. Lichen planopilaris usually resolves without treatment, but can recur years later

            Homeopathy Lichenplanopilaris: The science of using homeopathic methods to treat Lichen planus on the scalp. The theory behind using Homeopathy to fight Lichen planus is that treating the skin condition externally does not work. Homeopathy treats it internally. Homeopathic theories state that the cause of any external disorder or condition is that there is an internal imbalance. So by treating the internal imbalance it helps with the external condition. So instead of using creams and rubs to help with this ailment try using oral medicines. There are many homeopathic treatments for Lichen planus. The homeopathic Lichen planus therapy is determined by a lengthy examination from a doctor. The exam will possibly include much of the following: family and personal history, emotional make-up, eating habits, lifestyle, and personality.

            Some oral homeopathy Lichen planus medicines are Sulfur, Arsenicum and Borax (mainly for the mouth). When using homeopathic methods the use of external treatments are usually forbidden because homeopathic doctors believe in using the inside to help the outside.

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