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League of Legends - How does an eloboosting company works?

Date Added: March 27, 2019 01:30:39 PM

Eloboosting has been more and more popular in every competitive online games like LoL. The players who has the highest rank in these games are able to do lol account boosting to other players who can't reach the highest tier or don't want to because it takes time to learn the game. When the top players from any country become boosters and create a team or meet on a website to expand their reputation and get new customers that ask for their service, they are working like any other company and set prices for each service. This means people expects short completion time on their orders (usually 1 division a day if they do it by themselves) so to do it fast, they play with a very good player to make games easier.

League of Legends is a team game so if they are 2 in-game, they can carry games even if their 3 teammates are not doing well. A company also has to keep the customer informed about how is order is going so they have 2 ways to do it: using a chat with the booster on discord or any other communication tool or asking to the live chat on the website. Moreover safety is important: they have to not give informations like usernames and passwords to anyone else to not cause any problems and have to use a software to encrypt their IP address. When they are in-game, they have to stay calm to not flame so that the account doens't get a ban for it.

Like any other companies, creating a boosting team needs to be organized.