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Jazzing up winter go-to’s

Date Added: December 11, 2019 05:47:21 AM

Women's fashion is exciting! Layering up different colours, textures and designs is a great way for women to express themselves and embrace creativity. It seems like the easier option to wear darker tones and blend in with the drabbiness of the cold weather, but why not explore dynamic, colourful clothing to bring brightness to those seasons? Here are a few classic clothing options for you to play around with, to inspire your winter wardrobe. 


Vests have long been a useful addition to winter wardrobes. Easy to put on and often petite enough to fit either on top of or beneath a jacket, vests are a versatile must-have. Available in multiple colours, textures and styles, why not layer up with cosy, patterned jumpers and find yourself a bold, bright vest to bring out those gorgeous tones? Don’t go thinking that vests are just for the older generations, you can rock them no matter your age. Another great thing about vests is that they’re perfect for the warmer seasons when you just need an extra layer in the evening - so they’re not the kind of garment you’ll only use for half the year. 


You can’t go wrong with a classic jumper, but there are many ways to dress them up and turn them into more of a fashion statement. Experiment with different kinds of wool to find a texture that feels good against your skin. Play around with sizes, and move outside your usual go-tos. Oversized jumpers are super stylish, paired up with skinny jeans, trendy boots and bold jewelry. If you’re into more elegant, feminine looks, you could go for thinner wool or acrylic material blended with elastane, which complement your shape, for example. Before you settle for the ‘basic’ jumper that simply serves the purpose of keeping you warm, have a think about the colours and tones, materials and textures, and what other clothing items with which you can pair your jumpers, and go from there!


One of the greatest things about skirts is how much they’ve evolved in their versatility. Slightly oversized t-shirts featuring a knot are becoming increasingly popular, and look super trendy with a thick woolly cardigan and boots. Full-length skirts are fantastic in winter because they cover your legs and you can even double-up on the warmth and comfort by wearing woollen stockings and boots. Even the total opposite - short skirts - can be worn with stockings and boots. Finish off your outfit with a thick jacket or coat, and you’ll feel ready to take on the day!

When it comes to winter wardrobe styling, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, textures, tones and sizes. Don’t limit yourself to the sizes or fits you normally go for and think about how you can take old classics and make them unique to your own personal style.