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How to Recognize an Ecology Perfume

Date Added: July 05, 2014 07:49:00 PM

Perfume makers use a variety of manufacturing techniques when developing and producing fragrances. Not all of these techniques are good for the environment, which is why you should choose your perfume carefully. Fortunately, there are a number of ecological perfumes such as Womanity, Alien Perfume and Alien Essence Absolue, and here are some ways to know when you have found one.

Do Research on the Company

One of the best ways to find an ecological perfume is to do some research on the company ahead of time. That way, you can know a little bit about their manufacturing process in order to make an informed decision. Some things you might want to know are the types of chemicals used in a particular facility, disposal techniques and previous environmental violations, if any. If possible, try to visit the factory in person so you can see perfume being produced first hand, as this will tell you a great deal about how environmentally friendly a company is.

Look for Natural Ingredients

Ecological fragrances also tend to consist primarily of natural ingredients rather than be laden with chemicals. One perfume that fits this bill nicely is Alien Essence Absolue, a fragrance that consists of vanilla, amber and a variety of flowers.  They might also emit an odor that is reminiscent of nature as well. An example would be Womanity, which smells something like a clean ocean breeze, or Alien Perfume, a fragrance that is similar to sun-dried wood. Generally speaking, ecologically-friendly fragrances are simpler, and contain fewer "notes" due to their limited number of ingredients.

How are Ingredients Harvested?

Not only should natural ingredients be used in an ecologically-friendly perfume, but these ingredients should also be harvested using sustainable methods. Sustainable sourcing and ethical sourcing go hand in hand, as ensuring fair trade practices are followed will also help prevent damage done to the land through harvesting. When sustainable practices are used, fragrances such as Womanity, Alien Perfume and Alien Essence Absolue can all be produced without causing any harmful effects to the environment.

Look for "Green" Packaging

When shopping for a fragrance such as Womanity, Alien Perfume or Alien Essence Absolue, one of the first things you should consider is the packaging. Try to choose products that contain minimal packaging whenever possible in order to reduce your carbon footprint. You should also think about whether or not the packaging is made from recycled materials or can easily be recycled itself. Avoid buying perfumes that contain too much packaging or come housed in boxes or containers that won't be easy to recycle later. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to determine which companies have ecology in mind and which ones do not.

The next time you're shopping for a fragrance, take a few extra minutes to find out a bit more information first. In doing so, you can ensure you are supporting ecologically sound manufacturers, and contributing to the overall health of the planet.

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