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How To Get Affordable & Quality Traffic To Your Website

Date Added: November 28, 2009 04:09:16 PM

Let me make a have a really nice website and you are selling a really nice product or service. But you have one problem, you can't get enough people to your site to buy your product or service. Why? Because you do not have enough money to spend on advertising to get the amount of traffic you need. Since you cannot compete with the large companies on the Internet, you may feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. But before you give up, here are some effective and affordable ways in which to get quality traffic to your site.

1) Pay Per Click: This is the quickest way to get targeted traffic to your website based on keywords relevant to the content of your site. The pay-per-click search engine has been proven as the most powerful online marketing strategy. Some folks may say that Pay Per Click is too expensive and it is not worth their time. On the Contrary, you can advertise on the major search engines just like the big boys, but you can do it on a shoestring budget.

The trick is to go to one of the major search and use their keyword suggestion tool. Most of these tools will have a field where you can type in your website url and their robot will crawl your site and suggest keywords based on your site's content. Some will show you how many searches were done on each keyword in the previous month. They will even tell you the average cost per click for each keyword.

What you want to do is choose the keywords with the lowest cost per click. For most people on a small budget, you will want to choose keywords with a cost per click between $0.10 and $0.30. Use these keywords in your campaign and you will soon realize that you can get quality traffic from the major Pay Per Click search engines without breaking the bank.

2) Email Marketing: Don't worry about trying to build your list right now. What you want to do is get quality traffic to your site and get it fast. There are several email marketing companies online that will send your ad to thousands of people on their mailing list. One thing to note, make sure that your ad is sent to a mailing list where people on that list have an interest in what you are selling. This is called targeting your audience.

3) Forums: This is were you can post entries relevant to a particular topic. When you participate in a forum discussion, make sure your postings are concrete and relevant to the topic. Also, do not try to sell anyone anything or plug your website. Most forums allow you to create a signature file (sig. file). The sig files are a remarkable way through in which you can promote your website. When people read your posting, they'll also have a chance to view you sig. file. This is how you will get traffic from forums.

4) Article Marketing: You can also get traffic to your website by writing unique articles and submitting them to article directories. Article marketing is another ideal way through which you can get loads of traffic to your website. However, to make this a real success, be sure to submit your articles to well known article directories with a page rank of 3 or higher. TIP: Before you decide to do article marketing, do a search on any search engine for "How To Write An Effective Article". These sites will give you valuable information on how to write an effective article.

5) Blogs: Blogs are similar to forums, you can contribute postings to ongoing discussions. But if you do not have the time to post to blogs, there are companies on the internet that will charge you a nominal fee and will post your link on their blog. This is very effective as people visiting that blog will see your link. Also, this will help your search engine rankings as you will now have a one-way link pointing to your site.

6) Online Classified Ads: Place online classified ads to ensure that whatever you are selling is visible to the world. Research shows that online classified ad marketing is one of the most over-looked yet effective approaches to marketing your products or services online. You'll be surprise how many people will go to a classified ad site to find things to buy. So don't pass this one up, place a few classified ads online.

7) Off-Line Advertising: Here is another over-looked advertising method. To get quality traffic to your site, try using fliers, postcards, direct mail and off-line classified ads. Despite having the internet, these old fashioned methods still work.

So in conclusion, the advertising methods discussed above were meant to give you ideas on affordable and effective ways to get traffic to your site quickly. You will never make money online if you do not get visitors to your site. So go for it. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. To your success!

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