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How To Change Your Look

Date Added: January 15, 2013 09:40:08 PM

There always comes a point in the life of a typical young man that he hankers for a makeover. Whether it is due to a failed relationship or required by their job, guys seemingly go through this familiar phase where they feel a pressing need to change their appearance. If you are one of those who feel a change in your look is all you need to start dating again, land a higher paying job, or simply gain much-needed self-confidence, the tips below may be of great value to you.

Take Care of Your Skin

Guys often think that good skin care is something exclusive to those belonging to the distaff side. The reality, however, is that good skin is imperative for any person who wants to look attractive. The use of a moisturizer with sun protection is important for men, especially those who are always under the sun. Constant exposure to the sun’s rays can hasten skin aging. The use of soap or lotion with Vitamin E can help in revitalizing skin, while skin products with retinol can minimize fine lines and prevent wrinkles.

Good Hygiene

Body odor is an absolute turn-off. Men should make sure their body smell is controlled by taking a bath as often as necessary. The use of anti-perspiration products and deodorants can regulate sweat and odor.

Change in Clothing Style

One of the key areas in a makeover is changing one’s clothing preference. Guys could go for a completely new clothing style or improve their get-up altogether. For instance, guys who used to wear white shirts for men can dump this look and shift to a more contemporary look by using a longsleeved shirt or slim fit shirts.

New Haircut

If girls start their makeover by getting a new haircut, then guys can do just the same. Men can go to more established and respected salons manned by expert haircutters who can give them a more contemporary haircut. Some guys take it a mile further by changing the color of their hair. However, you should think twice about going this route as a badly done hair color change can boomerang against you, unless you want a more bizarre image. If you are balding, then cut your hair very short. Never, ever think of combing hair over the top of your balding head.

Healthy Living

Aside from changing the way you dress up, you should also think of changing the way you live. Guys who want a makeover can also incorporate a healthy lifestyle that includes maintaining a balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Fiber-rich foods, such as these, can improve skin and hair glow.

Guys wanting to change their look should also start getting enough exercise. Regular exercise like running or engaging in sports like basketball and swimming can make a guy healthier. It can also make a guy be more confident of himself. Engaging in these activities also helps a guy improve his social life. Men who engage more in sports often have a better disposition and better outlook in life.