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Half Sleeve Tattoos - Others Opinions

Date Added: February 20, 2011 10:11:37 PM

How people react to half sleeve tattoos? Maybe if these were some small design tattoos, people wouldn’t mind so much. But, since we are talking about large tattoo designs that cover the whole upper arm, there are many different reactions from the people. According to these reactions on half sleeve tattoos, we can specify five different groups of people.
They don’t like any kind of tattoos, especially something as big as half sleeve tattoos. When they see someone wearing half sleeve tattoo, they don’t have a great opinion about that person. The reason for this could be their religion which forbids any modification on their body. But the reason could me much simpler, like they just don’t like tattoos – period. This kind of people will never have any relationship with people who wear tattoos.
Don’t likers!
This group is not that allergic to tattoos as the previous one, but they wouldn’t wear half sleeve tattoos ever either. They don’t mind if someone from their circle of friend would have such a tattoo, although they would ask the questions like what is so special in inking yourself with permanent color, or something similar. But, they will not judge people who wear tattoos.
People who belong to this group are somewhere in the middle. They would like to get inked, but they are not sure whether it is good or bad decision, so they hesitate. When they find enough good reasons to get inked, they will always think of one reason that says otherwise, and vice versa.
People who don’t want to wear any kind of tattoos, especially half sleeve tattoos. But they enjoy hanging out with people who wear tattoos, because they find them dangerous and they like to be surrounded by such people. They like adventures, and they believe they will find one by hanging around with tattoo wearers.
This group likes tattoos. These people are never sure whether the new tattoo they’re getting is the last one or there will be more tattooing later. They are always in the search for more powerful designs. These people appreciate everything that is related to tattoos. If you want recommendation of a good tattoo artist, just look for a person belonging to this group and you will be directed to the great artist – that’s for sure.