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Getting By a Rainy Paris with Kids

Date Added: September 17, 2013 03:10:45 PM

In many days, however, Paris is a picture of bad weather, with people clutching their umbrellas and the sky is gray and pouring drops of water instead of sunshine.
Rain in Paris is indeed part of the tourism package, so there is no reason to let it spoil your stay in this wonderful city. So even if you are with kids, Paris is still a place you and everyone else can enjoy.

Feel at Home

There are so many Paris hotels that can accommodate you and your kids well, but when you are travelling with family, it is always recommended that you find a rental house or apartment where all of you can feel at home. Especially when the rain pours down rather hard, being in a private space together can make everyone feel secure, nice, and cozy. If renting a house or apartment is not in your itinerary, though, getting a spacious room at a Paris hotel is sufficient, especially if you plan to go out exploring the city most of the time even in the rain.

The rain in Paris is generally not a trouble for adults at all. However, for kids who like being outside, it may be a little bit uncomfortable. To keep them satisfied throughout your whole Paris experience, treat them to some comfort food, such as desserts. Paris is known for sweets like crepes and macaroons. Some diners, such as Creperie Suzette, offer a wide variety of flavorful crepes, some of them filled with kids' favorites like Nutella and bananas.

Kids Like to Have Fun

An adult and a child's idea of fun are almost always different. For you, fun may be sunbathing in a beach in Nice and staying in one of those fancy Nice hotels. For your kids, however, fun may be seeing cool things they have never seen before. Paris, being the rich place that it is, is a treasure trove of these fun places. The Pompidou Centre is probably the best place in Paris to take the kids. As it rains outside, the kids can feast their eyes on the numerous exhibits displayed in this cultural center. With seven floors to explore, your kids will be more than occupied as they explore the Pompidou Centre. A really fun activity to do here is to ride the elevator that takes passengers into a tube found outside the building.

Another great indoor destination for the kids is the Aquarium of Paris. Here, they can run around while looking at aquarium displays of jellyfish and sharks. There are also shows for them to watch, like the one-man pirate spectacle many tourists come to see. Lastly, there's the Catacombs of Paris that may only be a suitable place for older kids. This is because the place is an underground ossuary filled with bones of six million dead people. It is very interesting, but perhaps not for everyone.