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Free domain name registration, hosting starter combo, SSL certificate

Date Added: September 22, 2019 01:42:44 AM

Free Domains & Business Start Kit

Starting a business is a great decision by itself. You are formulating yourself as an entrepreneur. Irrespective of your business nature and size, fundamental requirements need to be full-filled to kick start your business.

Business Start Kit

6D Domains has introduced a business started kit for start up companies to help them with Free Domain registration and secure web hosting at very reasonable price. At 6DDomains, you find a domain name search tool to search the domain names availability from ample number of domains available. If, the domain is blocked or already registered, the name searching tool has domain name suggestion capability, which will help you find similar domains with .com or .ca format, so that you do not miss anything.

6D Domains offers FREE DOMAIN without any obligation. No Compulsion to buy any other product. Use the coupon code 6DFOMOR to buy a free Domain.

How free domains help?

  1. Setting up a new business involves investment, and very small saving such as a Free Domain for the business will be very helpful and cost saving at such point of time.
  2. There are chances that you register 1 domain now, and later at any point of time, you feel that you need to register by some other name, then you can have it without giving it a second thought because the 1st domain you had was for free.

Combo Offers

We provide certain combo offers as well that saves a good amount of money.


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1. Hosting Starter Combo/Email Combo

Domain (.net, .com, .ca) + Hosting (Unlimited hosting plans) CAD 2.39/mo


Domain (.net, .com, .ca) + Email (business email) CAD 2.39/mo

This is the best deal you can find here and cannot find elsewhere. You end up paying just $28.68 for a year. These are the two best combos in just under CAD 2.39 per month in which either you can buy Domain Name registration and Web Hosting Server or Domain Name registration and Email Server.

2. Website Combo

Domain (.net, .com, .ca) + Website Builder - Cost - CAD 4.00/mo

In this package you purchase domain and website builder in just $48/month. In most of the the other places you purchase these products not less than $139.0/month. You research domain of your choice and register using name search tool and start building a website without the help of web designer. No coding knowledge required. You can choose the website template of your choice from 1700 templates, plugins and logos and customize to your requirement.


3. Hosting Advanced Combo

Domain (.net, .com, .ca) + SSL Certificate (Positive SSL) + Hosting (unlimited hosting plans) - Cost - CAD 4.00/mo

This is a great package if you are thinking of website security, I mean secured website. SSL certificate is one of the major requirement if you want to get recognize by google search engine and Bing search engines. This package alone outside would cost you $220.00 and here you purchase in just $48.00. We recommend all new entrepreneurs, service providers, contractors to use 6DDomains free domain service and other hosting and security products for quality and saving.