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Five Wedding Fo-Pas You Won't Want To Comitt

Date Added: August 30, 2007 04:06:42 AM

Today let me tell you about 5 of the Worst Wedding Fo-Pa’s I ever encountered helping you to avoid such hazards. One of the biggest Fo-Pa’s I ever had the unfortunate opportunity to witness was when the Bride in her planning stage forgot to make the distinction that all those invited to the ceremony were not necessarily invited to the dinner. Well guess who showed up for the dinner and sat down waiting to be served. Over 256 people came for the dinner that was only set for 154 OOPS ! ! Over 1 hundred guests, friends and co-workers were asked by the Bride ( In Tears ) to please leave you were not invited to the dinner.

I felt for the Bride and I felt for the people asked to leave but it all came down to poor planning. Some ceremonies are open to anyone and everyone but it must be specified only those with an invitation will be attending the dinner.

I always caution couples who are wanting a small child to carry the rings down the isle on one of those pillows please let them be the plastic rings the pillow comes with. One couple gave a three year old the real rings and when he took one look at all the people looking at him he headed towards the woods as fast as his little legs could take him, with the real rings. It took 3 adults nearly 20 minutes to catch the little "stinker" and resume to the ceremony.

It was a cottage wedding and the Bride was to come in on a boat and be escorted up to the deck by her father where the ceremony will be conducted. On the day of the ceremony the batteries died on the walky talky that was to tell the boat to come in, so the boat never came in as we all a waited for over an hour. On occasions where wireless communication is part of the process have several back-ups like cell phones and not just 1 but 2 or 3.

Another Cottage Wedding the rings were being passed around by the wedding party before the ceremony and somebody with slippery fingers dropped the Brides ring between the boards of the deck. There sat a beautiful diamond ring sitting on the edge of a rock that was on the precipice of a 50 foot cliff that went into the lake. The ring was not 2 inches from that drop off and leaning towards the edge.

Well off came the jackets and ties as all the men dropped to their knees and with a coat hangar and chewing gum and the precision of a bomb squad disarming a bomb they retrieved the ring; but not without a few close calls. Do not pass the rings around before the ceremony if you want to see them wait until they are on the fingers of the couple that is the time for viewing.

When having a Wedding in a public place that needs no reservation have a couple of back-up sites I once came to perform a ceremony at a site with six other weddings waiting in line for the same site. We fortunately found another site. For more Blogs