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Five Unique Qualities of Atlanta and its Plastic Surgeons

Date Added: August 09, 2008 07:24:40 PM

Between 2000 and 2006, when the housing meltdown began, Atlanta was the fastest growing city in the nation. It has grown from an important regional transit and manufacturing center into a global player. It is the ninth largest metro area in the nation, with a half million city residents and ten times that number living in the city and its suburbs.

That implies several things with regard to considering Atlanta as a good choice to find the right cosmetic plastic surgeon. Atlanta has a unique position in the Southeast, in the sense that it has for years felt like a cosmopolitan area built for business. Many residents are from elsewhere; it has lost much of its southern provinciality. Here’s what we see as special aspects of Atlanta and its cosmetic surgeons.

It’s a wealthy city, struggling with rapid growth that is based on solid business growth. It is drawing well educated young people and convincing established professionals to relocate. That sort of social dynamic means that services in general are going to be of high caliber, and that includes medical services.

The Atlanta Medical Center is a top flight multi-dimensional facility with a 460 bed hospital and several ancillary clinics. Summit has a swarm of clinics scattered through the area. Emory University established a Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at its medical school in 1971.

The Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons was also founded in 1971 – its members are principally in and around the Atlanta area. The quality of cosmetic surgery practiced there is such that Atlanta has become something of a destination site for people seeking quality plastic surgeons. Several surgeons’ websites have information on nearby hotels, restaurants and civic attractions. You don’t see that in many cities.

The manner in which Atlanta’s plastic surgeons present themselves via their internet presence is different in a couple of other ways. Several doctors stress the importance of counseling and lead their comments on the issue by reviewing the limits of cosmetic surgical procedures. Others feature their roles in community issues such as breast cancer; there is more than one women’s medical clinic in the city.

Post-operative care is also prominent in many of the plastic surgery websites. These articles include discussions of post-op pain the options for dealing with it; the importance of following medical advice on recovery practices; and the fact that cosmetic surgery is still surgery. Many of these surgeons attempt to limit expectations to what is real and feasible.

Board certification seems to be a given. Not a single doctor with an established website failed to list his or her certification, education and practice experience. These descriptions established credibility, rather than promises and bombast.

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