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Evaluating an Employee’s Value

Date Added: April 13, 2013 07:03:47 PM

Each person in your organization has to satisfy a responsibility one way or another. Their productivity should be relevant to your company's needs. When they fulfill such tasks, it is only appropriate that you use this as a basis in evaluating their value in your organization. Top talents leave their bosses when they feel that their skills and their roles in the business are undervalued, and thus, they seek greener pastures where they might be more appreciated. Thus, as a lesson in your training courses, it is your duty as a manager to keep hold of your top employees in the organization. The right way to achieve this is by using a tested method where you can optimize your assessment of each employee according to their significance in the organization.

Look Into the Different Structures Within the Organization

Before you can assess if an employee is efficient or not, you first have to consider the structure that he belongs to within the organization. This means that you have to start off by dividing the organization according to category. Within each classification, you have to list down the duties that every employee needs to fulfill depending on the role that he is assigned to. The tasks will definitely vary from one employee to another regardless of whether they are within the same structure.

Determine the Top Performers According to Role

More than anything else, the efficiency of an employee should be based on his work definition. When you evaluate a performer, you have to rely on the kind of work that he is tasked to perform before you can move on to the additional roles that he has taken on efficiently. When it comes to determining the productivity of employees who are working within the same work tasks, you have to identify what kind of output should be turned in by each performer. You will then base their output productivity and calculate the average of each performer in order to identify which employees are on the top of their game. This will then allow you to calculate their value better. 

Provide the Right Opportunity

Once you identify the value of an employee in your organization, it will be easier for you to provide them with opportunities that will help increase their significance in your company. This is also another key in retaining your top players. You can place them under project management training or put them in supplemental management courses. This strategy will instill within them that you acknowledge their contribution to the organization.