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Door Handles

Date Added: July 31, 2008 09:02:08 PM

Salvage gets classy at Architectural Classics – they specialize in door furniture, so think knobs, door handles, knockers, locks, keyhole covers (escutcheons), chains, stoppers, hinges, espagnolettes … if it is metal and goes on a door, Architectural Classics stock it. You’ll find plenty of original antique door furniture, as well as a great range of quality-made reproductions.

The site actually boasts over 5,000 different door furniture products – and you will never find a run of 10 different sizes of boring round, silver knob among these! Each one has its own fascinating historical character – the reason that we all began collecting antiques in the first place. While door furniture is the focus, it is by no means the only thing AC sells. You’ll also find small miscellaneous hardware items like door handles, coat hooks and racks, clocks, mirrors, brackets, curtain holders and curtain rails. One of the things we all complain about most is not being able to find enough matching pieces to fit out our homes with a semblance of coordination – no need to complain any more! They also go one step further in customer choice and hardware coordination – a massive part of the range is available in a choice of 19 different metal finishes. So if you have a mostly brass / gold / nickel / copper home, you can match whatever you already have to a huge selection of the available door handles. You’ll also find some really interesting and rare finishes among the range – metals like pewter, oil-rubbed bronze, and cobalt are available for contrasting.

Door furniture is one of those items that will be around for a long time and is often used – but it has been difficult to find quality, interesting pieces … and definitely no more than four matching ones at a time! AC has literally gone to all four corners of the globe to bring you such a great range of door handles – your knobs and knockers are sourced from all over Europe, both North and South America, and the Baltic States. McDonagh has specifically looked for partnerships with companies whose quality-drive matches his own.