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Dome Skylight

Date Added: September 11, 2015 12:59:36 AM

An ideal system for protecting customers from UV ray, strong rains, wind or high snow load but also allowing to the sun to enter the room the,natural light and the feeling of the sun on the skin is the Dome Skylight (also called retractable skylight). Is developed for created revolutionary systems for attracting customers in your business, especially indicated for Nightclubs and ideal also for Luxury hotels, Restaurants, Bars, or for who want add one touch of style to his business.

The biggest advantage that you receive from Dome skylight is the healthy natural light that comes directly into your space. The benefits of Dome skylight is the gift of health and beauty. Is the best idea for the best business, the economical solution, practical and modern that offer in all season and all weather protection as well as enhancing the appearance and ambiance in a modern and previously unavailable way.

Dome Skylight is available with a motorized or manual retractable system sand are 1/3 fixed enclosures and 2/3 retractable enclosures.

Is conformed to safety standards, is aseismic and hurricane-proof and can be fitted with a snow-melting device. The retractable motorized structure opens with a simple click. Also, is thermally insulated, wind-resistant and soundproofed externally and internally to create a comfortable internal environment.

Is made for the installation of cooling and heating units and a Dome skylight roof with a motorized system can be easily opened with a simple click. Apart for being motorized or manual the Dome skylight is resistant to rain, and offer UV protection. Those creating a pleasing atmosphere and environment. Cutting-edge and high-quality the Dome skylight designs can include screen enclosures. This way you can completely enclose your area and relax into your new room. In the same time they add value and style to your house or your business.

Is easily adaptable to the needs of your home or your business, with the ability to customize shapes and sizes.
On the site website you can find useful information for all types of Dome skylight and retractable roofs or patio cover.
Light is necessary, so that matter can manifest itself and can be visible.

Take the gift of health and beauty that offer you LITRA International and increase your business with the return of your investment guaranteed. Enjoy the outdoor feeling with Dome Skylight, the window on the sky.

Your customers will love you for installing it.