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Discover London Markets

Date Added: July 03, 2013 04:35:09 AM

Aside from the beautiful structures of many london hotels, some of the interesting things to see in the capital city of England and the United Kingdom are its souks. Find the time to explore some of them to better enjoy your stay in London.

The Camden Markets

At Camden Town, one can find a group of closely-spaced markets, including the Camden (Buck Street) Market, the Camden Lock Market, and the Stables Market. These markets are such a beautiful sight since most of their stalls carry a colorful and inviting design and offer a lot of items to buy. Most actually welcome around five hundred thousand visitors per week.

Great buys, such as CDs, records, original art, vintage clothing, designer clothing and others can be bought at these places. There are also a number of bars and restaurants in case one will get hungry or thirsty while going around and finding some items to purchase. The Stables Market and the Camden Lock Market often operate daily up to 6pm. To go there, the first stop should be the Camden Market on Camden High Street. To get to the other markets, it merely takes an hour and a few minutes of walking north to find the Camden Lock Market and the Stables Market.

The Brick Lane Market

Budget hotels are a dime a dozen in this city, just like the many attractions that one can see at the street markets of London. Each stall of the street markets is beautifully decorated with delectable goodies, intricate antique items, and other products worth buying. One of the favorite street markets is the Brick Lane Market at Brick Lane, E1 5HA. It is a huge flea market selling various things. Aside from the usual buys like antiques and clothes, one can also find other unique and weird products for sale.

The Shepherds Market at Broadgate

Located at the Broadgate Market EC2A 2HS is the Shepherds Market. This food market boasts of must-buy items, such as hand-crafted chocolates, truffles, cookies, cured meats, oysters, French patisserie, and more. Coming from a hotel coventry in the UK, it may take around an hour and a few minutes to get to this market. Other hotels can be found nearby.
There are over a hundred London markets that are built high, colorful, and stylish – offering a great shopping experience for those who love antiques, flowers, clothes, collectibles, food, and more. Since Sundays are such a favorite day of many to go out and shop 'til they drop, it may be best to steer clear on that day if one wants to avoid the crowds.