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Control Pinch Valves - High Performing and Versatile

Date Added: August 04, 2011 04:01:15 AM

Varying Applications and Temperatures

Many industries recognized it involved in the processing of heavy duty product materials, that the ideal component for this type of operation is the control pinch valve. It is operable by the simple turning of a hand-wheel, or by a pedal type facility. Besides an easy, fast open and closing method, the flow rate of a material is also able to be finely regulated. The simplicity of the valve operation is supported by it being extremely effective, innovative and unique in comparison to other valve types.

By using pressure applied by the external operator, an elastomer sleeve located inside the casing of the valve is caused to compress in a shut-off action against a material flow. The degree of valve closure is determined by the operator, between fully open or sealed tightly closed. A manually operated pinch valve provides users with a facility to process specialized products in many and varied applications. However, they are usually connected with the treatment of sewage and processing of materials in pharmaceutical, food and beverage operations. Their ability extends to the blocking of large and diverse materials and the regulating and measuring of a product flow.

The internal elastomer sleeve is the crucial component of the manual pinch valve and is the controlling factor for any type of processed material, liquid or fluid. It is an efficient and effective component, able to operate in any predetermined industrial application and specifically designed to be compatible with the processing product. Made from natural rubber or appropriate composition materials, the elastomer sleeve is abrasion resistant, with an in-built high flexibility and resilience.


Crucial to Any Operation

The elastomer sleeve enables the Control Pinch Valve to operate within a wide range of temperatures, from minus 50° F up to 180° F. It is highly suitable for carbon based, organic, acids and mild chemical compounds, including those with alcohol content. . The temperature, at which the valve will operate, is a determining factor in the compound of the sleeve, to meet a user's requirements. In many industrial applications, this type of valve is necessary to the success of a processing application.

The manual pinch valve has become necessary in the processing of materials, such as dry lime, which are finely granulated. This particular substance has a dry matter content consistency level of 65% to 90% and is regarded as being particularly difficult to process. Regulation of a material flow is achieved by the opening and closing of the valve or partially obstructing material flow channels. This valve variety due to its versatile design and construction is widely used in an “open valve” situation.

They perform with great durability and reliability in various applications and conditions every day, making valuable contributions in the regulating of flows of fluid gases, liquids, fluidized solids and slurry. The operating principle of the Manual operated Pinch Valve provides users with a valve system that is high performing, with minimum downtime and crucially cost effective. Their capabilities and reliability are renowned, whether used in the processing of heavy-duty materials, or as a general-purpose valve.

AKO Armaturen is a recognized European market leader in their industry with a versatile product range. Their dedication to producing the best quality products and their service to customers is renowned.

AKO has established its reputation as the leading manufacturer of control pinch valves over 26 years. Customers of AKO are related to industrial sectors such as chemicals, foodstuffs, paper, power plant and recycling technology, waste water treatment and in particular minerals handling, cement, sand and silo engineering sectors.