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Cheap Playstation 3 Consoles and Games

Date Added: December 02, 2010 04:52:34 AM

Ok so i'm going to be talking a bit about a website i came across over the weekend which answered my son's wish to get a new PS3 for Christmas. I'm also going to explain to you what it contains and how it can help all you Playstation 3 fans out there get your hands on some super savings.

The website is called and it is made for those of us that enjoy our gaming but just want to find the best price when it comes to purchasing the latest chart release game or newest accessories.

When you first enter the website you will find all the newest releases on the homepage and there is even the chance to have a free cheats book emailed to you absolutley free. The store/game categories can be found on the homepage in a menu to the right.

The site navigation is nice and user friendly (especially for someone like me who is a complete technophobe) as it contains 5 major tabs at the top of the homepage. These are Store Home, Specials, News, Videos and Shopping Cart. Store Home contains all the latest new releases and top selling games. Specials contains all the best special offers currently going on Playstation 3 Consoles, Games and Bundles. The news section is very informative and keeps visitors up to date about what's happening in the wonderful world of console gaming whilst the videos section contains the hottest new game trailers and interviews with both gamers and game developers. The final tab being the shopping cart allows you to view what you currently have in your shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout page to make your purchases as well as the opportunity to remove items added accidentally. Once you click on the product you want you will be redirected to the site currently offering that price for the product. A lot of the time this seems to be Amazon as they seem to be the most competitive at the moment. Not only did I find this website incredibly user friendly. I also found it to be full of a wealth of information from game reviews to game descriptions to what to expect in the future, enabling me to make more informed choices about what to purchase.

You know as well as me that before buying a product (especially games and items your not too knowledgable of) that research is crucial to make sure it's what your looking for, and it's the same in any industry, even food shopping (you're not going to just go and buy a beef roasting joint without first reading the label if your a vegetarian) pretty bad example but i'm just trying to make a point that this site doesn't just sell... it tells aswell!!

One of the reasons this site also stood out from the rest is because shopping should be an enjoyable experience not a rigorous chore of searching the web for hours upon end trying to find the best deal out there.

The website is also updated daily so all the latest releases show up on the homepage and new game trailers and reviews are being constantly added.

Personally I give this site a big thumbs up firstly for saving Christmas :) and also because of how informative, user friendly and fantastically cheap everything is. I would recommend this website to any gaming enthusaiast if you are looking for the latest PS3 bargains or just a site to grab the latest game reviews/news.

I really hope this article will help a lot of people save money over christmas and in the years to come and once again if you haven't already visited the site than remember it's