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Cellular Nutrition for a Better Life

Date Added: August 24, 2010 10:54:02 PM

Healthy Cells = A Healthy You

A better weight-loss program will usually present you with some important changes within your body as a result of higher quality nutrients. The key is understanding the role of healthy nutrition in our diet. As your body is being introduced to higher foods it is also vitally important that you stay away from harmful toxic substances, which include coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, salt, etc.

In order for the body to create newer and healthy tissues, it must be introduced to higher quality foods. These higher quality foods are often referred to as super foods which include: avocado, apples, cabbage, blueberries, garlic, mushrooms, eggs, fish, almonds, flaxseeds and pomegranates. Healthy nutrition is what the body needs in order to maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. What symptoms and changes might appear when you eliminate toxic substances and add higher quality foods coming into the body. As a result of eliminating toxins, headaches are common and might trigger a disappointment in the diet. The bodies bloodstream is getting rid of theses noxious agents as they reach their final destination for elimination. Our consciousness during this process interpret these irritants which become associated with pain or headaches. The pain or headaches will usually disappear in three days and we'll begin to feel stronger as a result of this recuperative process. During your daily diet regimen, with consuming higher quality foods and discarding those toxic substances your body begins a process known as “retracing.” In the simplest of terms and explanation, your body is emptying out the old garbage and building a new house or higher quality of tissues for both body and mind. You might experience skin rashes or discomforts due to the elimination of poisons and harmful substances through the skin. These conditions might lead you to believe that something is seriously wrong and warrant further diagnosis by a physician. A doctor not familiar with this aspect of healthy nutrition as it relates to the process of the body retracing might diagnose your condition as an allergy and suggest that you discontinue the diet. The skin is becoming more alive and active. This process is helping your body and saving you from more serious disease. If you continue to allow these harmful toxins to infiltrate your body too much longer there might the possibility of hepatitis, kidney disorders, blood disease, heart disease, arthritis, nerve degeneration, or even cancer. You might experience these unpleasant conditions but understand that these conditions are constructive. As your body cleans house and becomes rejuvenated you'll enjoy having healthy cells for a healthier you.

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