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Car Rental Terms in Europe

Date Added: May 15, 2013 12:08:40 AM

Costs of Rental Cars

Rental cars can be very expensive in Europe. Added to their base rental price, you may also have to pay additional fees, which are attributed to taxes, insurance, border fees, winterization, eco surcharges, and many more. Be wary with the prices you see on advertisements as there can be many hidden costs, which could bring you to pay thousands of dollars more than what you have originally perceived. Likewise, be wary when requesting for additional services, such as having an additional driver and additional car features. Even a simple request for a GPS could make you accumulate high charges. Therefore, before making a call to any of the car rental companies, be sure to make a research first and see which company can give you better deals, especially if you would be using the car for longer than a few days. There are long term car rental europe companies that can give you better deals if you would be leasing their car for longer than a month.


Some companies, especially those that offer monthly car rental arrangements, may ask you to buy CDW/ theft insurance from them. While this type of insurance may be a requisite in most European countries, you should be careful when purchasing such insurance from the rental company as it could double your charges. If you have the choice, it would be better for you to decline the rental company's offer and use the CDW/theft insurance coverage of your credit card instead. Better yet, find a company that offers free CDW/theft insurance when you avail of their car rental service using a credit card. If you do decide to use your credit card's insurance coverage, be sure to check with your credit card issuer first to ensure that your coverage includes car rental in Europe.


Know the restrictions associated with your rental of the car. Some European countries have a restriction on the age of drivers while some may not allow cars from other states to cross borders. For instance, a particular state may not allow oldies to drive a car around their territory or an expensive car you have obtained from a long term car rental france may not be allowed to cross the borders of Italy. As much as possible, avoid renting a car during Sundays. Chances are you would be asked to pay more expensive rates during this time of the week.