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Bulk Deicing Salt

Date Added: June 04, 2017 02:58:57 AM

Ice Control:

Perhaps the most significant and thus the primary use for rock salt and rock salt products is ice control. The science behind it is relatively simple. Spreading salt on ice essentially causes the ice (and water inherent to this ice) to become salt water. The freezing point of salt water is considerably lower than that of water alone; therefore this newly created “salt water” won’t ice over at temperatures of 32 degrees but can withstand much lower temps. Our Egyptian rock salt products are thus used extensively in road salt applications either in bulk applications or residential packs for convenience in use. Certainly AIMR is the place for all of your de-icing needs.

De-icing versus Anti-icing

Though the functions are closely related, de-icing and anti-icing are essentially two different things. When speaking of applying sodium chloride in order to “de-ice,” we are indicating that the ice is already formed and now the task is to melt that ice. From roads, to parking lots, to rooftops whatever the application, utilizing rock salt to de-ice is a safe and effective way to remove ice buildup. Lowering the freezing point of water by anywhere from 20-30 degrees, rock salt has become the predominant de-icing agent in the industry. Bulk deicing salt