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Building a Perfume Wardrobe-The Basics

Date Added: February 17, 2014 08:34:19 PM

Informal Occasions

When it comes to informal occasions such as shopping or running errands, citrus or fruity perfumes could be ideal fragrances to wear. These scents are derived primarily from fruity oils extracted from lemons and oranges, and may also contain traces of berry, peach or watermelon. They tend to have a very fresh and light scent that is cool and refreshing, and are perfect for casual wear such as shorts and sandals.

Scents for the Workplace

Floral fragrances tend to have a somewhat stronger aroma than fruity perfumes do, yet are still somewhat light and delicate. Many floral perfumes are manufactured with flower extracts such as rose hips, lavender, jasmine, or lily. They tend to have a slightly sweet smell to them, as is the case with Angel perfume. These colognes are ideal to wear with a skirt or pair of dress slacks and high-heeled shoes.

Rugged and Athletic

When performing rigorous outdoor activity, you may want a fragrance that is slightly stronger than what you would wear on a daily basis. In that case, consider woodsy scents made from sandalwood or cedar, as these have a somewhat earthy aroma that blends well with other essential oils or even flavors. A popular fragrance in this category is Pure Havane, which is designed for men, but there are also similar scents available for women.


The right fragrance can help to set a romantic mood, so for a special date with your significant other, you should choose a scent that is somewhat spicy. Fragrances that contain cinnamon, cardamom and rosemary all help set the stage for romance, especially when they are paired with musk or sandalwood. Certain smells such as vanilla and chocolate, when used in combination with musk and spices, tend to result in a romantic aroma as well. While women typically have more choices when it comes to romantic fragrances, there are several available for men as well, including Amen perfume.

Aquatic Aromas

Certain perfumes have characteristics that remind people of a calm sea breeze or mountain air after rain. These fragrances can be ideal whenever you need to feel calm, peaceful and tranquil. Some examples of where you might wear these fragrances include church, a funeral, or when visiting a friend in the hospital. One of these scents will be ideal whether you are dressed in formal attire or wearing a pair of capris and a T-shirt.

Fragrances are designed to invoke a particular mood, and should be changed with the occasion. Knowing which one to wear for a particular event is an important part of being prepared for anything that comes your way, whether formal or informal.

Summary: Whether it's a rugged scent such as Pure Havane, a flavored fragrance such as Amen perfume or the sweet aroma of Angel perfume, each one has its own unique purpose. Finding the right perfume to wear for different occasions will allow you to be well put together no matter what.