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Big Ticket To Wealth Business Review

Date Added: February 09, 2008 04:14:45 AM

Who wouldn't enjoy working from the comforts of your very own home and having your own website closing sales for you? That is the theory that the Big Ticket to Wealth opportunity presents. The direct sales industry is huge, and they are profiting on that market. So let's put Big Ticket to Wealth under the microscope and see what is revealed. A few things that stand out:

The Company

Big Ticket to Wealth is a brand new online direct sales company in pre-launch phase. The opportunity revolves around the movement and distribution of their products through the direct sales business model. Products consist of proprietary flash videos pertaining to high demand niche industries, e-books, manuals and software products to help develop a well-rounded internet marketing campaign and wealth building principles.

Investment to Join

There are three ways that you can become a member of the Big Ticket to Wealth program. You can join at the National Product level for $797, or pay $1,197 for an Executive package. The top tier package is the Presidential membership which would require you to pay $1,997. Additionally, all members must pay a recurring monthly licensing fee of $75 to carry the flash video presentation on their own company replicated website. No matter which level you decide to join at, ALL members are required to pay the $75 monthly recurring license fee.

Compensation Plan

The Big Ticket to Wealth compensation plan is contingent upon the initial package that you buy in at. Direct sales commissions are paid to you once your website completes a sale and matching override commissions are also paid to you on those you have personally sponsored. Commissions are paid at $300 for each National product package, $500 for an Executive product package and $900 for each Presidential package. Commissions are directly paid to you on the $75 monthly recurring license fee. National members earn $15, Executives earn $25 and Presidential members earn $50 per month. The override earnings aspect comes in to effect when you earn matching commissions off of your recruit's sales. You are directly paid the same commissions as with your own websites sales. As an example, a presidential recruit's $900 commission would equal $900 for you as well.

Disadvantages to the Program

So what are the disadvantages with the Big Ticket to Wealth opportunity? Big Ticket to Wealth is a high ticket program, so not everyone will be willing to fork over a minimum of $797 to join, plus a recurring monthly fee of $75. Once you sign up for the program, there are no refunds due to the nature of the products being available for instant download once you become a member. It goes without stating, but a belief in the quality and validity of the product you intend to market is an essential component to any direct sales opportunity success.

In conclusion, Big Ticket to Wealth appears to provide unique products to cater to several industries' needs, while providing its members the opportunity to earn a substantial income. However, success is dependent upon each individual member's ability to market not only the products, but the opportunity itself.

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