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Automotive Steam Cleaners

Date Added: December 14, 2010 05:47:27 PM

Well-Rounded Interior Car Cleaning and Detailing Provided by Dupray Steam Cleaners

Automobiles are by nature messy machines that have a lot of small or sensitive areas – inside and out – that often are in need of cleaning. Auto detailers, cleaners, and car suppliers can rely on Dupray steam cleaners for the safe, efficient cleaning of exteriors as well as interior carpets and hard-to-reach areas.

Steam can be used to clean dashboards, windows, consoles, door panels, leather, fabric, alcantara, or pleather seats, trims and door jams, and the ventilation systems of cars. Cleaning dashboards and windows with a steam cleaner allows the removal of dust and dirt without chemicals, as well as being safer as no chemicals or residue will be left to create glare on glass or smooth surfaces. The result will be dashboards and windows that are natural, clean, and clear.

Use the Technovap steam cleaner with a microfiber cloth on all surfaces including radios, steering wheels, speaker grills and window switches and ventilation systems without worrying about destroying the buttons. The Technovap produces a dry steam at a high temperature, effectively cleaning without using very much water, which could otherwise result in harm to electronics.

Common stains in cars such as coffee or soft drink spills can be melted away in seconds. Use steam cleaners to reach into tricky areas that liquid spills or dust and dirt are found in. The high temperature steam will eliminate spills while the high-pressure steam lifts stains, oil and dirt from arm rests, restoring them to new.

Dupray steam cleaners are indispensable as tools to clean upholstered surfaces of the interior. Whether seats are upholstered in leather, pleather, cloth, or alcantara, the steam cleaners will clean and help maintain them. Use a steam cleaner and microfiber cloth to smoothly clean over leather surfaces, removing oily shine and dirt and restoring its original rich luster. The leather will be rehydrated and conditioned when heated, and look like new when the cleaning is finished.

Alcantara is a particularly water-sensitive upholstery material that will also be easy to clean with a Dupray steam cleaner. Since Dupray steam machines contain only 5% water content, the steam is dry enough to go over the seats without risk of water damage. Steam cleaning can also be used to remove dye transfer on seats.

Maintain a healthy ventilation system by killing allergens and dust mites in the car’s ventilation system. The high pressure and heat of the steam will remove all allergens in the ventilation system by passing steam through each vent.

Dupray cleaners can be used as a straightforward way to clean the exterior surfaces of cars, simply reaching into the pores and crevices of the surfaces to lift out dirt and thus restoring the top clear coat of paint on the automobile to the pristine condition it was when brand new. They are also safer to use when cleaning the engine rooms of cars, as well as efficiently cleaning the dirty areas such as rims covered in brake dust. Steam cleaners will remove sap, diesel fuel and smoke residues.