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ASP Net Shopping Carts and Ecommerce

Date Added: July 31, 2008 03:31:52 AM

If you've ever shopped online, then there's a pretty good chance you've already had experience with an asp net shopping cart. The fact of the matter is that shopping carts make the whole online shopping experience more enjoyable for both the shopper and the vendor. ASP net shopping carts are highly customizable and able to deal with huge amounts of information. If an ecommerce retailer tried to organize and manage that much data, he or she would never have time to actually develop or promote products.

The ASP Net Shopping Cart from the Shopper's Perspective

When you go shopping at the local grocery store, you need a place to keep all of the items you intend to purchase.The shopping cart was invented expressly for this purpose. You can browse the aisles and use the cart to hold the things you'd like to take home with you.An online shopping cart can serve the same function to a large degree. If you're browsing through online listings of books, for example, an asp net shopping cart will likely allow you to “store” your proposed purchase in the cart while you continue checking out what the ecommerce site has to offer.

After you've finished picking and choosing what you'd like to buy, the asp net shopping cart will then walk you through the purchase process. It will add up your totals, figure out the sales tax, collect your payment information, and allow you to decide where you would like your new books to be delivered. All of this is taken care of through the asp net shopping cart software. You don't even have to do any math, and you're reasonably sure that the product is going to reach you. In fact, the asp net shopping cart has probably even sent you an email confirmation just to make sure everything is going to go smoothly.

The ASP Net Shopping Cart from the Vendor's Perspective.

If you've read the previous two paragraphs, then it's probably already clear how an asp net shopping cart benefits the vendor.The bookseller mentioned above didn't have to physically help the customer “check out”. There was no need to get out tax tables or double check the mailing address to make sure it didn't get flubbed while being transcribed.While the shopping cart has helped reduce these kinds of errors, it has also done something even more important for the ecommerce vendor – it's saved a lot of time. Finally, the fact that shoppers can store items in their shopping cart before checking out means that they're not going to forget something they intended to buy, and they may be less likely to change their minds, too.

Of course, there is some time that has to be invested initially on the vendor's part. There are a lot of asp net shopping carts available, so the vendor has to determine the right one to use. Then there's the matter of setting the cart up. Finally, it's likely that the vendor is going to want to customize the cart for his or her particular business. All of these steps require a certain amount of knowledge and patience.

The ASP Net Shopping Cart Creates a Win-Win Situation

While the bottom line is that ecommerce vendors want to make sales, it's more complicated these days than simply taking an order over the phone. Likewise, the online shopper wants to be able to simply click a few buttons, input a little information, and be secure in the knowledge that the product is on its way. ASP net shopping carts allow both parties to get what they need out of their ecommerce transactions.