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A North America Vacation Guide

Date Added: January 30, 2017 06:04:06 AM

You have to make sure to have some vacations in your life.

While to the contrary of most people, life isn’t all about working for somebody else. It isn’t about fulfilling your duties in the office or on the field. Life is about fulfilling yourself and those who are around you. Particularly your family, friends, and anyone else who you may contact throughout your life. While home may be a wonderful place in your mind, the Earth is so vast that it truly is important to go out and explore the world for what it has to offer. You are only going to be able to affect so many people’s lives in your hometown, but if you go out in search of exploration and new experiences, your chances of discovering new ideas and things that you had not previously known is going to dramatically increase.

 I’ll help get you started with new exploration ideas with some snippets of the adventures that I have had the luxury of having.  

California – Spending a year exploring California was one of the best decisions that I made in my lifetime. The state of California is like a multitude and combination of many different countries. In Southern California, it is warm nearly year round with great water, wealthy people, and a one in a million type of atmosphere in the city. The central California is mostly desert and can have many different types of activities taking place. Northern California is covered in lush forests and many lakes and oceans. And as you go up the entire coastline, it is just beautiful ocean all the way up with great environments. One highly significant place of interest that you should consider is taking a road trip to Yosemite! Mountains carved out of ice are truly a spectacle to admire. Waterfalls everywhere, and beautiful wildlife are all apart of the Yosemite package.

If you have had a fortunate life, maybe spend some time helping those who need it. I recently participated with a church group of people who helped build homes for a severely underprivileged town in Mexico. It felt good to help those who truly needed it, and I know they were certainly grateful. There are tons of other people out there who could really use some extra help and maybe you could be one to help them.

The east coast of the United States is a truly one of a kind place. One of the best states that I have been to was Florida when I spent a lot of time in Miami. The Miami life is definitely different than the rest of the United States. Truly a diverse culture full of many people from all over the world, and in particular Caribbean countries. It’s a very humid place to live, but if you look at the map, you can see why it is so different than the rest of the United States. Florida literally juts out from the rest of the U.S. and Miami is right at the tip. Spend some time at the beach with others and you’ll be sure to have a great time. The best time of year is during Spring Break!