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A Guide to Driving with Pet Animals

Date Added: May 21, 2013 09:55:53 PM

At first glance, this may not be a bad idea because it means more quality time with your pets—or at least it is—not until you consider the kind of trouble you and your pet could end up getting into when you're driving your beloved luxury or Performance car.

It's not generally safe to have a pet around when driving.

This is especially true when you're the one behind the steering wheel as well as being the one in charge of looking after your pet cat or dog throughout the trip. If your pet is not secured inside a travel crate, there's no telling when it would suddenly do things that could distract you. They could suddenly jump in front you, preventing you from seeing where you're going. Or they could do the opposite and jump out of the window. Either way, what they're doing could take your attention off the road, which is never a good thing to do.

Vehicular accidents caused by having pets inside the car are not always covered by insurance companies.

You will need to read the fine print on this one as terms and conditions for insurance policies vary from one company to another. But more often than not, you can safely expect to work on convincing your insurer that they're obliged to pay for any expenses you've incurred from pet-related car accidents. Considering how much repairing Performance cars could cost, you might find yourself strapped for cash for quite some time if you're unfortunate enough to be involved in such accidents.

Pets can cause a lot of mess.

Picture this: you're driving a brand new Luxury SUV with your dog in front. You two make a good picture, when all of a sudden your dog starts looking upset and throws up all over your fancy seat cover and carpet! Moreover, if your pet isn't properly trained, it may end up leaving stains all over your car, not to mention scratching the interior and maybe even urinating on your passenger seat.

How to Enjoy Safe Driving Even With Your Pets Around

Of course, there are all sorts of circumstances that could have forced you to bring a pet with you while driving. In such cases, you just have to do the best you can in keeping you and your four-legged passenger safe.

There are various accessories you can purchase to keep your pet securely in place and prevent it from distracting you from safe driving. One example would be seatbelts specially designed for pets. Another thing you can do is to buy a compact carry box, crate, or cage designed specifically for travel.

Admittedly, being strapped or cage inside a moving vehicle will not be the most pleasant experience for your pets at the start, but they'll get used to it eventually. Remember: it's for your pets' sake, too. They can also get hurt if you end up in an accident.