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7 tips on finding online promotional codes

Date Added: March 11, 2008 11:51:57 PM

1. Look online - The first tip is to search multiple sources for the coupon code you desire. This can be done by typing in the retailer name followed by either "coupon code" or "promotional code". There is no shortage of promotional code websites on the web today. An recent office depot coupon code saved me $30 on my office purchases. If one coupon code site does not have the promotional code you need, continue going down the list to the next promotional code website. Most likely there will be a coupon code you need. A new trend with coupon code sites is to let users submit their own coupon codes. This is great since it may be coupon codes that are supposed to be exclusively for customers.

2. Sign for newsletters on retailer sites - As much as you may not like junk email (spam), sometimes you can get a great offers, discounts, and promotions by signing up to the retailer's newsletter. Not only will get coupons, but sometimes they will offer you excellent exclusive deals that you don't need coupon codes for. An example would be zappos, I haven't found too many zappos promotional codes but they do offer great deals through their newsletters.

3. Sign for newsletters on coupon code sites - Sometimes coupon code sites may offer and publish the newest coupon codes to their newsletter customers before they even publish it in their websites. This is an incentive for the consumer to join the promotional code website newsletters.

4. Ask for a coupon code - On yahoo answers, or you can post questions if there is still a promotional code that you need and haven't found it. By asking your questions on yahoo, you can get exposure to one of the most visible and popular site on the web. Questions may be something as simple as "where can I get a stubhub promotional code?". With so many people looking at your question, somebody may have the answer you need.

5. Ask the coupon code webmaster - In all of the promotional code websites, there is usually a place where you can contact the administrator. The administrator may have access to some coupon codes that he has not published yet or it may be exclusive to the coupon code site and he/she has not had the time to publish it yet. Besides, it never hurts to ask and it's better if somebody else who is dedicated to finding coupons does the research for you instead of you doing it yourself.

6. Forums - Forums is another great way to find the deal or coupon code you want. There are many forums dedicated to deals and coupons, you just need to type in "coupon forum" in google and find a comprehensive list of forums dedicated to this. Thousands of bargain hunters constantly forage the forums, so if you search or ask for a deal, you will be sure to get a prompt reply.

7. Opt in and look in your mailbox - Usually when you purchase an item for a retailer and opt in their mailing list, they will sometimes send you exclusive offers or promotional codes that are personalized for you. Staples, Dell are some of the retailers who send out great coupon code deals.