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4 reasons we're happy with Lujo's bean bag furniture

Date Added: July 03, 2013 04:30:24 AM

Before going out of your way to buy outdoor furniture, your pick should be stylish, comfortable and it should match the rest of your environments décor so that it is not a sight for sore eyes. My personal favourite outdoor furniture piece was the bean bag by Lujo (a stylish kind which holds form), sometimes referred to as bean bag chairs and here are a few reasons why.

Top Durability

Durability is definitely an important consideration when picking outdoor furniture. Are the fabrics durable enough to withstand the coldest and warmest temperatures when left outside? The best furniture item is one that is constructed using waterproof inner liners. Lujo's fabrics definitely provided a standard of durability I am happy with.

Materials and design of the furniture should be such that it can withstand the harshest environments, including mildew, corrosive salt air, sun, cold, and heat. The components should also be durable (especially if you have kids around). Lujo use several fabrics of which Warwick is used for the indoor bean bag range (which we did not get any of) and Sunbrella marine fabric used in the outdoor bean bag range and making the bean bags water repellant and durable. The outdoor furniture should be easy to clean. The material should be such that it does not stain easily. Waterproof liners are advantageous in that you can simply hose the furniture when cleaning. 


The best furniture is one that sculpts to your natural curves. This not only ensures that you have an enjoyable time outdoors, but it is also ergonomic and it helps you avoid lower back and other problems. I spent over 4 days at the batch in Matarangi (New Zealand) lounging in the sun with our Lujo sun lounger in the summer of 2012... Lujo's range do support a level of comfort which I can vouch for.


The best outdoor furniture item is one that is made by a well-established manufacturer. You will pay more for branded or designer furniture, but you will be assured of creative design, the highest quality materials and quality craftsmanship. No surprises here with the creative side of Lujo's bean bag chairs range.


Most bean bag furniture is pretty light in comparison to other outdoor furniture, but we found our bean bags all in all just easy to work with, shift around, transport etc. 

I have no hesitation with recommending outdoor furniture by Lujo.