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Visit the Tall Ships On the Oregon Coast
 » Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Oregon coast, especially the month of May. In May you'll find the annual arrival of the Tall Ships, incredible historical replicas of early American sailing vessels recently featured in Pirates of the Caribbean. So make like a pirate - visit the Oregon coast!

Visit France in Winter
 » France is a lovely country no matter what time of the year it is. Even in the cold, gloomy winter, the country teems with energy and life.F

Madrid’s Plaza Mayor – A Delightful Experience to Enjoy
 » If you go to a hotel Campanile in Madrid, there is one site in Spain that you as a tourist must not miss : the plaza Mayor

Living in Bordeaux
 » France, one of the greatest countries in the world, is also one of the best places to live in.

What to Do When You’re in the UK
 » Comprised of different unified countries, the United Kingdom (UK) is undoubtedly a state of diverse and very rich culture.

Visiting France in September: A Guide
 » A potential bane while traveling in France is the weather. September is a good period

Things to Do During the Holidays with Kids
 » Holidays and kids mix well if you can provide the right ingredient in ensuring that their days are full of enjoyable activities that you can join, too.

What to Do in London with Kids
 » It is understandable that as a parent, there are times when you want to take your kids along with you on a trip.

What you have to know about the Azores weather
 » As the Azores archipelago becomes more of an attractive vacation spot, many say it's due to the climate of the islands.

Malaga, Spain’s Paradise for Tourists
 » Malaga is the capital of the Province of Malaga that is located in Andalusia, Spain. It lies in Costa del Sol (meaning Coast of the Sun) and offers one of the warmest winters in entire Europe.

Discover London Markets
 » Aside from the beautiful structures of many london hotels, some of the interesting things to see in the capital city of England and the United Kingdom are its souks.

A Perfect Day in Paris
 » Twenty-four hours may not seem enough to explore the famous and beautiful city of Paris, but you can still get to see its most major sights and leave feeling like a true authentic Parisian if you know what to do.

Ten most popular destinations for Spaniards during November Bank Holiday
 » Many Spaniards have been attracted to London this year to celebrate Halloween and take full advantage of London's carnival atmosphere. Barcelona is the most popular Spanish destination.

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