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Beyond Data Lakes: The Total Integration Revolution
 » Perhaps you can remember the debate over VHS versus Betamax. It raged in the 1980s as consumers desperately advocated the type of machine they had just purchased. And the winner was: digital! First, the DVD and now Netflix!

 » SCADA system, supervisory control and data acquisition software.

M&E estimating software
 » In this article we look at the e in m&e and review the Ensign system to see what features and benefits their electrical estimating software brings to m&e and electrical contractors

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows
 » Facebook Messenger for Windows Download - Via

Putting Oracle Database back into manual control mode
 » Oracle delivers more and more automation in different areas of database technology. Quite often, it is implemented wrongly on the end-user sites and over-automation is is taxing performance. This document summarizes the most common options and talk about how to unwind them back, if and when needed.

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