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Your Baby Deserves to Feel Good - Choose Organic Clothing & Bedding!

Date Added: June 15, 2009 01:12:54 AM

Using adorable and practical organic baby clothing and bedding will not only enhance your baby’s comfort but provide “green” benefits as well. For starters, organic cotton is a pure, durable fabric that gives warmth and protection.   It is the safest, non toxic clothing available, and best of all it is free of any pesticides, toxins, bleaches, dyes, toxic softeners and other traditional toxins that can affect your baby’s health. As a result of these benefits, organic cotton is becoming the most popular, best selling fabric in the world and a great alternative to today’s environmentally friendly.

What is the Closest Companion of Your Baby’s Skin?

The secret of Organic Cotton is its versatility and high absorbency. Its fibre structure allows it to absorb up to 27x the amount of liquid than any other cloth material, and it offers a much softer yet durable garment over typical cotton clothing. This sets cotton as the fabric of choice for babies, as it breathes more freely and helps relieve any absorbed moisture. Better for baby and baby’s bottom!

Experience the Difference!

The truth is you want the best for your baby and you probably want to know if your baby will feel the difference in wearing organic cotton! Just for a moment, imagine a picture of a cloud.   Pictures of soft, white, fluffy images may spring to mind. Now imagine your baby totally enwrapped in pure organic cotton. Does that look comfortable to you? Your baby will surely think so!

Choosing organic cotton for your baby doesn't mean that it needs to be more expensive, or not stylish. We have a fantastic range of classy organic cotton baby clothing and bedding in charming organic cloths including our special designs at We cater to Boys, Girls, and Twins from newborns to toddlers.

With July 4th just around the corner, it's time to get into the Patriotic spirit. So take the opportunity to dress your baby in 100% Organic Cotton Clothing with a Patriotic theme, then it will be an Eco friendly "Green" and Patriotic celebration. 

All clothing is hand sewn in the USA.