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You need a website? 5 reasons why NOT to do it yourself

Date Added: January 24, 2017 11:46:44 PM

You need a website made for your business. It might be big or small. You’re just not sure if you would be able to create such a website all by yourself. In this article, we will learn about our options for building up such a website from scratch and some things to keep in mind when deciding whether to hire a professional web developer or just make the website yourself. There are, broadly speaking, only two ways to make a website -

1) You can either create it yourself (coding yourself, using templates)
2) Get website developers and professionals to do it for you

Why you should get a professional website?
If you had a thought about building it yourself, the templates used in one click builders reduce the amount of skill and time needed to build a website significantly, but using a template also means that you won't have as much as flexibility you would have had if you had hired a professional to do so. Additionally, if you go the Do it Yourself way, you are responsible for not only maintaining the website, but building it as well. If you don’t want to build the website or just don't have the time, but you do have some money, there is a huge community of excellent web designers and professionals ready to create your website and bring your vision to reality!

You don’t have a vision for the website?
Web Professionals excel in sitting down with you and discussing your needs and business goals. They understand what you are aiming for and then accordingly shape up the website. For larger businesses it makes even more sense to hire a web professional as they have complex websites that need execution with precision. They have huge databases and even a slight mistake can cause a huge loss to their business. A web developer that you hire will develop and design the website according to your specifications. A huge plus with hiring a website designer is that they will most probably purchase hosting services for the site themselves or host it on their server. This removes the hassle and reduces the headache of figuring out how to host the website. This will steeply increase the growth of your business by cutting days of work from your timeline.

You will have to sit down and really ask yourself whether you want to spend a month figuring out how to build a website or you want to spend that time doing sales or marketing for your business. Further, web professionals have spent so much time making and designing websites that they have a lot of experience in implementing ideas which could complement your needs and in turn help you grow your business.

Website Design professionals are highly trained people who have master in their craft. It takes years to learn this art. Therefore all this expert advice from professionals comes at a price. Most designers who into freelancing charge typically somewhere between $600 and $1,600 for a website that is simple, and the websites that are built by huge design firms cost between $3,000 - $6,000. There will also be a monthly hosting fee and you may also be charged for requested updates and maintenance. But these are the fees that you will be paying even if you create a website yourself.

This may seem a lot of money but when you take into account the effort and time that is needed to build and maintain a highly customized and complex website, spending money on hiring a web professional makes a lot of sense. This website is going to be the hub of your business. The world is moving towards online businesses and mostly probably in future your whole business is going to be revolving around your website. Do really want to take a chance on the quality of your business?

This will be a big decision so take out some time out of your day and think about what you prioritize the most. There are various factors that are going to be weighing into your decision. The time, cost, ease of use, flexibility and ongoing maintenance of the website are going to be the most important ones. Then weigh your needs with these options and figure out what is the best for your business.