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WordPress Theme Design Trends

Date Added: August 11, 2013 12:55:05 PM

In 2013, it has been possible to observe certain trends at work in the output of WordPress theme designers, five of which will be described here. 

One Page

Back in the early days of web, one page designs were common. Not because of any aesthetic reason, but because websites were simple and didn't need multiple pages. In the years that followed, huge sites were born that spread across hundreds or even thousands of pages. Now, one page designs are making a comeback, and single page WordPress themes are some of the most popular around. 

App Themes

A few years ago, WordPress was thought of as a blogging platform, and not much else. If you wanted a more specialist site with certain features, you'd have to go elsewhere. This is no longer the case, however, and 2013 has seen more app-like WordPress than ever before. So now there are car dealer themes, dating themes, and many more besides. In the future, there won't be many types of site for which WordPress won't be suitable. 


Minimalism, an effect acheived by using a lot of white espace and padding  around elements, is making a comeback, which is a good thing: when it comes to design, simple is usually better. 


Web designers are no longer limited by a narrow choice of fonts, partly thanks to Google Web Fonts, Google's free library of hundreds of quality fonts, which can easily be integrated into any website. The possibilities this development has opened up has meant more of a focus on typography in web design in general, and big, bold typography is something we have seen a lot more of in themes this year. 

Infinite Scrolling

Thanks to websites like Pinterest, infinite scrolling has become a much more commonplace feature. The idea is less clicking for the user will mean they hang around longer, immersed in the browsing experience. The technique is most often implemented using Ajax.