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Where to Find Good Role Models for Children on TV

Date Added: August 09, 2007 03:59:04 PM

Children are being bombarded every day with sex, violence and immoral lessons. Marketers on TV, radio and the Internet push messages on them like:

  • Be number one
  • Care only about yourself
  • All adults are morons
  • Sex is ok and fun
  • Hurting others is funny and cool
  • Etc.

Well now there is a new resource that brings good, wholesome, moral, biblically based role models and stories to you. It s called Bible Stories on DVD.

The makers of this website search the world wide web for the best children"s animated bible stories on DVD and list them for you to review. If you decide to buy one they include a link to the source. All you have to do is click the link and you are sent to there distributors page where you can safely make a secure purchase.

Animation is not the only thing available at the site though. There are Bible Heroes Coloring Books and free Bible Heroes Coloring Book Pages, which can be found at this address:

Lastly, not everyone speaks English of course, and the site has also started including children"s animated bible stories in Spanish as well. The main page, Heroes and Legends of the Bible (Grandes Heroes y Leyendas de la Biblia) can be found at this link:

To summarize, if you re looking for good, wholesome, moral, biblically based stories for your children, teens and family, in English or Spanish and free bible coloring pages, then visit this site.