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What is a Crossover Car?

Date Added: May 24, 2013 03:45:32 PM

It used to be that SUVs is considered the car to buy for those who want bigger vehicles that can be used on family road trips or for those who want to kill it on rougher roads. But with the rising fuel prices, many are now looking for a more fuel-efficient alternative to Luxury cars without sacrificing vehicle size and comfort. This is where the crossover vehicle comes in. There are downsides to driving an SUV; they are heavy because of the truck-based platform and have suspensions that can feel uncomfortable and rough for road driving.

The crossover vehicle looks just like a Luxury SUV when you look at the size. It's the body that makes all the difference. Unlike an SUV that has body-on-frame structure, the crossover has a unibody construction, which gives it a handling similar to smaller cars, therefore making it easier to drive. In addition, crossovers are considered fuel-efficient compared to gas-guzzling SUVs.

People have taken to choosing crossovers because of more benefits other than fuel efficiency. It looks more modern compared to a minivan and has a handling that is great for road use. Driving a crossover car is like driving a regular station wagon. This makes it great for regular commuting. Let's face it, most drivers just roam around the city and do not really have the use for rough road driving or Luxury car features. If you want to upgrade from a sedan to accommodate all your family members in the car, then a crossover vehicle is a great option.

Looking for a great crossover vehicle with superior fuel economy is easy, since there are lots of choices. There's the ever popular Honda CR-V, with a four-cylinder engine that has a kicking 180 horsepower, with interiors that can fit four adults. It was initially marketed as a small SUV, but the handling was never really created for rough roads, so it's best to categorize it into the crossover segment instead.

There's also the Mini Cooper Countryman, perfect for those Mini lovers but would like to have a bigger ride. Aside from great fuel efficiency, it has three-person rear bench that is perfect for a car its size. You can also opt for the Nissan Rogue, with a two-wheel drive variety that gets 22 miles per gallon on regular city driving. It has a continuously variable transmission that transmits the power of the car's engine to the wheels, courtesy of the belt and pulley system.

If you are looking for a hybrid car with great crossover fuel economy, you can't get any better than the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which gets 28 miles per gallon for city driving. The V-6 gasoline engine has 231 horsepower that compliments the electric motor, which produces a combined 280 horsepower.