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Top 20 ways to get cheaper travel

Date Added: April 17, 2008 11:20:10 AM

1. Travel during the off season - A very handy tip, use to estimate when the best travel periods are with the lowest fare prices.

2. Don't make the comment "It's my honeymoon" - If hotels hear this comment, you are definitely never going to get a break. They will know you don't want to go cheap on your honeymoon.

3. Join AAA - By joining AAA, you can get great discounts on hotels and car rentals. Also if you are booking through, check if there is a promotional code available.

4. Ask where to get cheaper food - Avoid big tourist places where all the visitors go to. By asking locals where the best areas for eating are, you can avoid the big priced meal.  Also avoid extras like desserts.

5. Subscribe to travel websites newsletters. They will send you the best deals available to you as a priority.

6. Utilize little known airports - Try to avoid the large airports.  By utilizing less known airports, there may be much better fares. In Los Angeles we have Los Angeles International Airport, but there is also the Ontario Airport. The Ontario airport is a little less well known and thus can help travelers save on money.

7. Fly on low cost airfare or low cost airlines such as Southwest.

8.  Use travel search engines - Utilize services such as Kayak which help you search multiple airlines for the lowest fares available.

9. Travel where you get the most for your dollar - Places such as South America will be much more cheaper than places in Europe.

10. Use promotional coupons when booking on Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia. With a travelocity promotional code, your savings can really add up. Travelocity also offers coupons for popular destinations. Hotwire also publishes Hotwire coupon codes which can really be a moneysaver. Make sure you search for these promotional codes before you buy.

11. Use city passes -  Buy city passes which let you buy attractions for multiple places for cheaper rates. Some places with city passes are New York and London.

12. Plan ahead - Plan your trip ahead of time, by planning ahead you will be able to get the best rates.

13. Buy as a package - If you plan to purchase an all inclusive trip, it's best to purchase package deals to consolidate costs.

14. Use public transportation - You may see a side of the city and people that is unique and you may save on the rental car.

15.Do your research - Try all the online travel sites Travelocity, Kayak, Orbitz.  Once you search all of them, consult your local travel agent to see if they have better deals.

16. Hotels - Buying them from the hotel's website directly may be the best way to get the best room available.

17. Bid - You probably have already heard of places such as Priceline, but there are others such and  These places may also let you save on things such as Broadway tickets and other activities as well.

18. Book last minute - If you don't have a specific destination in mind, by booking last minute, you may find great savings for people who still have room for you.

19. Avoid Saturdays - Sometimes by changing flight dates and avoiding Saturday stays, you may be able to save considerably.

20. Set a budget - Know exactly how much you will spend  on each day of travel. By budgeting you will keep tabs on how much you are willing to spend.