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The best granite bench in to the garden from Kingbo

Date Added: December 29, 2014 02:44:49 AM

Best Granite Ornaments to Use in Landscaping

If you have just decided to invest in some granite decorations for your garden, then good for you! Granite is one of the best choices that you can pick when it comes to outdoor ornaments, not only because of its strength and durability but also its natural beauty as well as its compatibility with all the other natural elements in the garden.

Practically all kinds of garden ornaments come in granite these days so you will be spoilt for choice. However, it can be rather overwhelming if you walk into a garden supplies store without any specific idea of what you want, then you see the endless choices that are presented to you. To help you decide on which granite ornaments to use in your landscaping, here are some of the most highly recommended by experts and homeowners alike.

Granite Bench

There could be no better place to sit on in your garden as you sip your morning coffee or while relaxing after a long day of work than a granite bench beside a clump of flowers and decorative plants. Granite bench (granit bænk) usually come with a polished surface that makes them easy and comfortable to sit on, but there are also those that have a rougher texture that can add aesthetic appeal. Granite benches will certainly last longer than other traditional garden seating options, like wicker chairs that can rot in the rain, or metal chairs that can become rusty over time.

Granite Table

If you like having your breakfast or snacks outdoors, it would make perfect sense to have a granite table (granit bord) in the yard. Even if you don’t like eating outside, a granite table also works very nicely for reading or playing board games with the family.

Granite Bird Bath

Your plants are probably already attracting birds into your garden but you entice these feathered creatures even more by installing a granite bird bath smack in the middle of the yard. Granite bird baths come in all sorts of styles and sizes. Some have their own stand while others can be placed on any flat surface. When taking your pick, you should consider the size of available space in your garden and pick a birdhouse that fits accordingly.

Granite Water Décor

A regular pond in the garden can easily be given a major makeover by installing a granite statue or fountain right in the middle. Even if you don’t have a pond or fountain, you can install your own water feature made of granite, like the Britta water environment and the Asta aquatic environment, two of the best-selling granite products from

These are just some of the more popular examples of granite features that you can add to your garden, and there are certainly a lot more. Some of them can be quite expensive but there are also plenty that are very affordable for the average family. Besides, even the pricey ones are worth it because the granite is very solid and will stay in perfect form for many years to come.