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Security Guard Jobs

Date Added: June 24, 2008 08:12:34 AM

Overview of Jobs in the Security Industry

There are numerous companies that require someone to protect their assets and this is where security guards come in.

Security officers or private security guards are becoming more and more important in society today. The security industry is currently growing faster than any other industry in the country. Security guard duties cover a wide range. Protecting employers’ assets, enforcing the laws and rules on the property and to help in the prevention of problems and criminal acts on the site are just a few of the duties to be performed by a security guard.

What to do you take into consideration when a security guard is hired or you are looking for a job in security?

What is going to be protected? This is where the determination is begun as to the responsibilities that the security guard will have. They may be at a set location to watch entrances and check the people that are coming and going onto the property. They may have to provide crowd control, give directions, take package delivery and try to keep misbehavior to a minimum. Fires, theft, vandalism and other illegal activities are cut down on by patrolling and inspecting the property.

Security guards can be in uniform or plain clothes and may or may not be armed during working hours. The security guard is an active part of security; it does not matter if they are on sight or at a distant location watching monitors for a video. The amount of security required and money available to spend for security have to be determined when security measures are chosen.

Interviewing is important in finding the proper person for employing as a security guard. When a guard is hired from an agency the background checks and all the other leg work has already been done. If they work for an agency it is easier to end their employment. If a guard is hired directly it is easier to control the amount of hours they work, appearance and possibly lower overhead costs.

There are various types of security guard jobs to be done. There are “in-house” guards that work directly for the company they are providing services for.

Contract officers work for a private security firm that works to protect numerous locations.

There are public securities or private police officers. There are also private patrol officers that use car patrols in order to watch over multiple locations.

The terms used to describe the various security personnel are sometimes regulated by law. Some states forbid the use of words or phrases that indicate a connection to the government or a political affiliation. There are also restrictions placed on the type of uniform and colors used for vehicles to keep them from being confused with the police force.

There is usually a license required to work as a security officer in most states of the United States. There are a variety of things that could be included in this license including a check into criminal background and mandatory requirements for training. The majority of those working in security is unarmed and can only perform a citizen’s arrest. There are armed security officers but this requires the proper permits and additional training.

The use of armed security guards is more common at military and government sites. Those transporting money via an armored vehicle normally carry weapons.

In 2006 New Jersey began requiring all of the security officers there to have a mandatory state training program for certification. This was done in an effort to improve quality when it comes to those providing security services.

It needs to be clear that police officers and security officers are not the same thing unless they are actual security police. The power of a security officer comes from the company that employs them and police officers powers come from the state that they perform services in.

Before choosing to become a security office be sure that the duties that will be required and any certifications that have to be obtained are fully understood.

After working in the security industry for over 10 years Damien and Tammy Love have started to help people looking a new career in an exciting industry. They also have lots of information and links for businesses looking for local security companies to supply security services.