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Street Wise 800,000 Volt Stun Baton

Date Added: July 28, 2010 08:46:50 AM

As far as stun guns go, I’m a fan of stun batons. I think they perform dual purpose and allow the user to have a little more distance than the usual stun gun does.

Specifically, I like the Street Wise 18” 800,000 volt stun baton. At 800,000 volts, the power is strong enough to give the “push back” needed to an attacker. It’s going to be felt through clothes and it’s going to hurt. You can rest assured any attacker will be on the ground long enough to allow you to do whatever you might need to do. Upon first sight of an attacker, this self defense baton will allow you to hold it high in a threatening manner as if you’re going to beat the heck out of them. If that’s not enough, press the activation button and throw some sparks and pops into the air. If you’ve ever heard the crackle of 800,000 volts being threatened upon you, you’ll know how effective this can be!

Even though its 18” long, its very compact and easy to carry. It easily loops onto your tool belt or onto your utility belt. It fits exceptionally nicely into your hands and is easy to walk around with.

And, now for the best part: The shocking area of this stun device is much different than most. Rather than having the normal electrodes that a stun gun has, the Street Wise Stun Baton has over 8 inches of stunning area down the shaft of the baton. Just let someone try to rip it from your hands. They’ll quickly realize they just made a huge mistake and be very sorry they tried.

Having one of the highest voltage stun batons on the market in your hands helps in ways other than just loud pops and hisses. Higher voltages require shorter stun times to subdue an attacker allowing you to make your break. If you’re being attacked, every second will count. There is no time to lose. This stun device will allow you to have that extra second to respond.

This stun device is used by more than just the general public. Security Guards carry them all across the nation. Animal Control personnel also use them especially when responding to calls for problems like dog fighting or even wild animal encounters in mountainous areas. The extra length of the stun baton allows you to keep your distance offering some insurance from a bad situation.

As state previously, the Street Wise Stun Baton also offers a level of discouragement. Merely firing the unit towards an attacker or an animal makes them jump back and give some respect. Add to the sound the size of the unit and its easy to see why stopping an attack without any contact is a possibility.

The Street Wise Stun Baton, impressive not matter how you look at it.

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