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Date Added: January 30, 2017 01:02:59 AM

What does SCADA mean?

SCADA means supervisory control and data acquisition software. This kind of software (like this SCADA) is used in industry to monitor and control in real-time all information from the process in factory plan: pressures, temperatures, countings, products, levels, states, voltages, etc... 

How is this achieved? 

Several types of data from equipment in the industry can be transmitted through a communication network in the SCADA system. Generally, the equipment used in communication in an SCADA network is a PLC. PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller.  A dedicated equipment that can be used to control the process in the industry. Inside the PLC several variables are maintained. Its data is transmitted to the SCADA software in the computer. 

The SCADA software gathers all these information and presents to the user in a computer, like an HMI (human machine interface). The SCADA controls some points and stores the data and processes the information according to the system. Displays, meters, animations, buttons and several kinds of items are shown on the HMI screen following the factory process system.  

Each point of IN / OUT data in the SCADA system is called a tag. Several types of calculations can also be made on the tags like sums, counting, averages, PIDs,  and some advanced formulas. Memory variables are used to set limits, alarms, timers, etc. Data can also be sent to the PLC, for example, to turn on a motor, set a temperature, send a bar code, etc.

These tags are also stored in a database. All kinds of the SCADA system events and alarms can be maintained in this database.  A historic information of data that is traceable to the past.  Data stored are presented in reports. Theses reports can be from simple listing to advanced charts and tables.

SCADA programming

Script languages, oriented to industrial automation, are used to develop specific applications according to each case. The industrial process flow can be controlled by the SCADA software. There are commands to test the tags values and take actions when occurring certain system events in real-time.

HMI objects are developed to help users, in SCADA, to take control of the industrial process. An example is of this kind of software is LAquis SCADA. SCADA, present in the industrial automation system.