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Peel's appeal to Peel Away Ads

Date Added: September 22, 2007 02:06:18 AM

Imagine the impossible: imagine having the ability to employ a few strings of code to your site easily and seamlessly which will do two things: First totally revamp the look and feel of your web site bringing it into the Web 2.0 age and second they will turn your web site into a cash generator by hugely increasing the amount of money you can make from online advertising.

Until now the above scenario was firmly in the realm of fiction. Webmasters could only dream of a means that would allow them to make more money from their online visitors while at the same time effortlessly updating the look of their site.

What has changed is the Peel Ad script. Lightweight, easy to implement and immensely powerful the Peel Ad script allows the average webmaster to have powerful, interactive ads running on their site within minutes. The effect could not be more stunning. Pages that used to be humdrum and ordinary suddenly become transformed into eye-catching displays of page-turning (quite literally) quality, all within an incredibly short length of time, giving you complete control over the effect.

So, how does it work?

Well, the Peel Ad script uses short, powerful code to implement interactive Flash coding on your site which creates, as the name aptly suggests, a peeled corner effect that captures the visitor's eye and gives a tantalising glimpse of the ad underneath.

Because the effect is eye-catching but unobtrusive it appeals to the most powerful human emotion: curiosity. This makes nine out of ten visitors to the peel back the page to see what's hidden underneath.

The result is that the ad that you have chosen to display then becomes fully visible. Better still, because the visitor to your site is fully engaged a Peel Ad delivers more responses to adverts and better results than practically any other internet advertising campaign.

It is this dual effect of cool looks and an approach that makes online advertising actually work that make the Peel Ad script a winner when it comes to delivering results on websites which employ advertising.

Do you need to be technical?
One fear webmasters have is that employing scripts like the Peel Ad script on their websites requires tremendous technical knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Peel Ad script is easy to implement straight from the box. It gives webmasters all the tools they need in order to control how it displays on their site. You could, for example have it in just one corner, two or even all four and yet have complete control of which ads you display, where through the powerful admin tools that come with it.

The other worry that webmasters often face is the degree of accessibility that a powerful new script like the Peel Ad script will offer those who visit their site. Unlike fancy programs the Peel Ad script utilises FLASH technology, needs nothing more than the Flash player to be viewed and because this is often automatically embedded in the web browser of more than 98 of your online visitors will be able to view and act on the Peel Ad script effect.

Is it cost effective?
Unlike most powerful high-end technologies which require a significant outlay in money in order to provide a suitably high-end effect at the front end of your site the Peel Ad script is very cost effective. Use it on one site, or many, the important thing is that it does not cost a lot, it is not bulky so it loads fast and does not cause your web site to slow down and it provides results.

Your chance to make money
Because the Peel Ad script is so powerful and because web site visitors absolutely love it the chances are that it will more than just help your website make money from online advertising.

So, now that you know all this the question is, if you are a webmaster dedicated to creating a thoroughly contemporary end-user experience on your website, and really want to make money from the sale of ads, what are you waiting for?

Go for the Peel Ad script and turn your website into a money generating machine that will simply earn and keep on earning for you.