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Major Cities of France

Date Added: October 31, 2013 10:29:31 PM

With its culturally rich places and the wonderful landmarks on its belt, France is indeed heaven for tourists. This heaven is sliced down to smaller bits and pieces that boast of different offerings. Here, learn about some of the biggest chunks that you must pay a visit first.

French Flanders

Up in the northern border of the country, one will find the historical County of Flanders, part of which is the French Flanders, a unique region that was once part of the Netherlands. Given this history, the French Flanders provides a different experience to people visiting it. It has a distinct architectural landscape and its people speak another dialect.
The capital of the region is Lille, a city famous for its art and trade. Every year in September, tourists flock to this city to attend the Braderie de Lille, the largest and most well-known flea market in all of Europe. Lille hotels (click here) serve as temporary homes to many visitors as the number of tourists during this season reaches up to millions.

Big Guns

Farther down to the center and eastern part of France, one will spot the largest cities in the country. Of course, there is the capital city of Paris, the largest and most populated of all of them. Also called the City of Love and Lights, Paris is world-renowned for its iconic and historically significant sites, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.
Going southeast from the center, there's Lyon, the second largest city. This city, known as the capital of great food, is also a great destination for tourists looking for a cultural experience that is genuinely French. Stay at a Kyriad hotel in Lyon and see what beauty and history this great city offers. From fine restaurants to old monuments and theaters, the city of Lyon definitely makes good use of its hefty size.

Down South

In the southern part of the country, the city of Marseilles is the largest one you can find. It is also considered the second largest in France, if it is the city proper that is considered and not the metropolitan area (for this, the rank goes to Lyon). This populous city is famous for its unique culture that is propagated by the various galleries, museums, theaters, and opera houses found within its borders.
Also in this region, one can stay at a hotel Kyriad in Bordeaux and appreciate the great cities found along the area. Bordeaux, the world capital for the wine industry, is a favorite among wine lovers. There are also the big cities of Toulouse and Montpellier to check out in the south.

The large country of France is conveniently divided into big portions of major cities. Up north, one can stay at Lille hotels to start a tour of the largest cities in the area, including Lille itself. Of course there is Paris, the largest city. The next big place is Lyon, where anyone can stay at Lyon hotels to appreciate the city's many wonders. Down south, one can stay at either Bordeaux hotels or at any hotel in the largest cities in the south, which include Toulouse, Montpellier, and Nice.