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How to Dress for a Party During the Winter

Date Added: February 24, 2013 02:19:58 PM

Dressing for a party during the winter months can be quite a challenge. You can’t just pick any clothes you want to wear. You have to consider the cold and the freezing temperatures, which can really be detrimental to your wise choice of clothing. Fortunately, there are certain techniques that may help you find the outfit that suits you best for the party of the season.


There’s not much problem for men when it comes to choosing wardrobe during the winter season. The staple men’s clothes, like shirts and jackets, are very much in chic during these cold months. Likewise, the usual fashion shirt for men can be used for layering. These shirts come in different designs and colors to work well with the look that men would like to achieve for a certain event. Layering can also be done by using base layers that are made of spandex materials. Such materials can keep the wearers warm.

There are many types of clothes that can be used for layering. For instance, men can opt for italian shirts as the second layer. fitted shirts may also be picked for this purpose. The third layer should consist of a sweater. For this purpose, a V-neck sweater or the classic Aran sweater may be tapped. Finally, the fourth layer may be an overcoat for a formal party or a jacket for a more laidback occasion.


Ask any lady who’s been in a cold country and she will surely agree that the most valuable part of a winter wardrobe is the coat. Winter coats must not only be fashionable but also made of good material like wool or cotton fabric. A pea coat that is colored black is one good example of an excellent coat as it is fashionable, durable and can look good with any clothing type. If you are staying in a cold climate country for a longer period, then you should invest in more than one coat. This will allow you to alternate your clothes or use a particular winter coat for special occasions.

Accessories like hats and scarves are also critical for making an ordinary looking party get-up look more outstanding. Women should also use winter gloves that come in different colors and designs to accentuate their look. A winter glove in hot pink color, for instance, can make any woman’s get-up more feminine.

If you are attending a formal gathering, you can choose a long sleeve dress and wear formal shoes. You may wear a velvet jacket with hosiery to add more insulation. You may also wear skirts with pullovers in contrasting colors and texture.

Party attire during the winter months will not be complete without winter boots. Girls have the freedom to choose any type of boots this time of the year, especially one that will improve the look or overall feel of their attire.