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Date Added: February 20, 2008 07:51:13 PM

I am writing this against thousands of deceiving home business providers that show up every day in the internet search, trying to hunt innocent victims. I am sorry for myself to be a victim of these ruthless people. I have tried a few of these home businesses to become FILTHY RICH!! as they usually say in their advertising. I have joined several of them at different times.

They are all pyramid shapes. The top one who creates the program eats all the cream of it, leaving rest of the members in the middle of nowhere. Some of these businesses are cheap, some not. They are all gorgeous looking when they introduce themselves through websites. Their contents are filled with encouraging words and phrases with empty promises. We trust them, get motivated, jump to join and at the end loose every cent we have invested. I have lost at least tens of thousand dollars with such people. More on advertising and there wasn't anybody to give me a right direction.

The truth is, most home business organizations make two ugly promises and people like me suffer. One, they don't reveal their system on their ad (because they might not have one) so you don't know whether their system is realistic or not. Two, they will feed you with the message that making money is so easy.

Sometime I wonder how so many people are joining into home business guillotines every day without having a little idea how hard it is to make money in the internet. They have no idea how much money has to be invested for network marketing & advertising. Creating money from internet requires to work full time with article marketing, blogs, forms, Ezine ads, PPC, SEO, link building etc. you name it.

They don't know 99% internet marketers failed to succeed in their business even after spending large amount of money and time doing all these things. Even if someone will find the best home business in the world, they should not fool themselves by believing that making money from the business is so easy. Its the hardest job no matter where you have joined. It needs continuous training from an honest and experienced mentor to show you a proper direction. It needs time & money to invest and business does not happen in two days or two months. On an average, it takes more than a year to get the money back what someone have invested in the business. You have to be empowered to survive during the frustration time and be trained to invest money wisely for marketing purpose.

Please read as much information as possible from their websites to figure out if a system exists before you join. Never make the wrong conception that you will be rich tomorrow or next week. Consider your marketing knowledge and monetary positions. Again, don't take any promise. Read them through. Ignore the big money promises. 100% cases they are false. Try to see if a system exists which is workable.

Before wrapping up, I should say If you are really interested to create a home business, do it free by yourself. I have found a website which is pretty good for new people who would like to start practicing in the very difficult world of internet business. This site is interesting and has real demonstration on how to make websites step by step with affiliate marketing, how to advertise free and site optimization. The best part of this site is, there's absolutely no cost to start compare to other home businesses. It's a good news for the beginners. Check this cool site out

Take educated decision. Hopefully you will not make any mistake.

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