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Four Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Date Added: November 26, 2010 12:05:09 AM

Getting traffic to one's website is the most important thing about an internet business. Without traffic, a website cannot move any product. One also has to count on the fact that a lot of the traffic will not produce results -- people will come to the website and look around, but will not purchase any goods or services. For this reason, it is very important that one raise the amount of traffic one gets, as only about half of it will be worth anything, and a large volume is needed for a site to be successful. There are a number of ways to do this, proven ways to drive traffic to one's website, and all of them should be employed at once in order to get the most traffic possible. Doing one or two of them will help, but one would be wise to use every tool that they possibly can. The internet is a very competitive market, but also one that is growing every day, and it is important to push one's business to the forefront in order to best take advantage of this potentially lucrative situation. No matter what one is selling, whether it is a treadmill or a video game, there is a lot of money to be made.

One way to get site traffic is through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This largely consists of the content placed on one's website, and the keywords that are used. Search engines look at keyword when ranking results, and people type them in when looking for different products. This is the way that most people shop in today's world; it has become so easy to find anything by running a single search through a powerful engine that most people will do little else when looking for new products. Thus, SEO has become very important. Having the right keywords, and having them used in the right way on one's site, can be the difference between being found and not being found, and search engines are the main tools to generating site traffic. This should not be overlooked, and is worth putting a bit of time and money into, since profits will move in a direct correlation to how well the content is written and how often the site is found.

Another way to generate traffic is through PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising. This is a system in which an ad is placed on another site -- say, for example, a social networking site that gets millions of hits per day -- and the advertisers only have to pay the host for each time that the ad is clicked. With other systems, one will have to pay just to buy advertising space, no matter if it works or not. This is a great way to generate site traffic, as one only has to pay for the benefits. If the ad is attracting people to the site, it is worth paying for. This can save on throwing advertising money at worthless host websites, because one can simply remove the ad if it is ineffective. There is no loss, which means that all of the profit generated by the ad is much less diluted.

The third way to generate traffic is through the use of blogs. Blog writers are the new reporters, as more and more people turn to the internet, and not newspapers, for information. Blogs are simple to use and people like them for their formal and yet easy-to-understand style. This is a great way to advertise or spread the word about one's site, and one's products, as many blogs are free. This type of writing should use keywords in the same way that was discussed above, so that the blog will be discovered by interested people, who will then be linked to one's website directly.

A final way to drive traffic to one's website is through the use of email newsletters. These will not bring in many new customers, as one will only be able to send them to people that one has already talked to or done business with, since these will be the email addresses that one has to use. Still, these are a great way to keep the information in front of former customers, to keep them informed of what is going on and to keep them from forgetting that the website exists. Putting all of the current pricing information, and especially the deals that are running at the time, in the newsletter is a good way to keep former customers interested and coming back to the site time after time.

Overall, one wants to use each of these ideas. They all have their separate strong points, and they can all be effective for certain customers and ineffective for others. Using them all will guarantee that one will reach many people.