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Find a Cheap Houston Electric Company

Date Added: April 04, 2008 07:08:27 PM

In Houston Texas you can find affordable energy simply by browsing through a list of electric providers the Texas government displays on their website called You can sort the electric rates in Houston by fixed or variable rate as well as highest priced and lowest price. The electric company listings in Houston make it very easy to browse through and find the energy company that is suited for your situation. If you do not like to shop around but prefer to stick with a company that is known for consistently offering competitive electric rates then I would recommend giving Houston Electric Company a call. Houston Electric Company is located in Houston and offers affordable energy to both residential customers as well as commercial customers. The company is backed by Shell and can perform large scale wholesale commercial transactions.

If you need someone to talk to this Houston electric provider makes the shopping experience much easier. An energy consultant can take you through the different electric rate plans to see what best fits you. If a consumer has a low risk tolerance level then they will want to avoid getting on a variable electric rate. If you happen to have a high risk tolerance level you could try out a variable rate that has averaged a few cents cheaper then fixed electric rates in Houston over the last few years.

Many people in Houston live near counties in Texas that are not deregulated but instead have a city owned municipality or are a part of the South West Grid. Houston is on the ERCOT grid system which controls about 75% of the electricity market in Texas. In some cities the Southwest grid system is able to offer substantially cheaper electric rates as they manage their grid a little different then ERCOT. This lower electric rate in the SW area is not always the case. Changing fuel prices can cause unstable issues in the Texas energy market and raise electric rates in the Southwest grid area higher then they are in the ERCOT grid. Erratic behavior with energy in Houston Texas is something the state has become used to but still doesn't like too much. If you would like to be able to know the best electric rate product to get on and energy consultant with Houston Electric Company can see to it that you get on an electric rate that will save you the most money over the course of the year regardless of what the Texas energy market is doing.

Houston TX has the highest average electric prices in the state because the cities line losses, congestion, and demand on the grid cause ERCOT and the PUCT to price the city and surrounding area based upon their inefficiency and demand for electricity during peak load times. To assist with alleviating these higher prices in Houston the ERCOT system will be implementing a nodal system that will replace the 5 pricing areas in Texas with a few thousand node areas that will all be priced seperately. This will reward in penalize those areas in the state of Texas based on how they use their energy.

To receive updates on the state of affordable energy in Houston Texas as well as which electric provider would be best to go with you should contact Houston Electric Company who can show you several different affordable energy choices to suit your needs and risk levels. An energy consultant can also negotiate a lower electric rate then you could successfully achieve on your own. Call to speak to a Houston energy consultant today to learn about your electricity options.