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Festival de Cannes

Date Added: December 13, 2013 05:50:30 PM

The Festival de Cannes or Le Festival International du Film de Cannes is an annual international movie film festival held in Cannes, France every year. Each May of the year, the small city of Cannes is transformed into a glamorous location for the meeting of the best international film makers. The event takes place for one and a half weeks. During this time, Cannes becomes the crossroad and intersection of international cinema, attracting people from all parts of the globe to bear witness. Here, movie makers, celebrities, and media men gather to celebrate and recognize the next-best thing in the industry of movie-making.

The Attendees

The Festival de Cannes is considered the biggest festival for international movies. It is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of the globe. Not everyone of the attendees, though, are part of the movie industry, as there are also travelers who make it a point to visit Cannes this time of the year just to witness the wonderful meeting of people from the movie industry. Tourists take this as their chance to witness the gathering of their favorite celebrities and to see new faces that will become popular in the next few years to come. It is also their chance to probably get a glimpse of the new name in movie-making. At this time of year, Cannes hotels and Nice hotels are often fully booked, with many of them already full even months before the actual event.

What Happens During the Festival

Films created by amateur and professional film makers alike are shown during the Festival de Cannes. The films can come from any genre and can vary in length. Some may be short films while others can be full-length movies. Each film undergoes a screening process by the festival committee before they can be entered into the festival and each is expected to comply with a criteria set by the committee to be considered as official entries to the Festival de Cannes. Each screened film is assigned to a particular category. Those that are created by students of film-making and are found to have followed all preset guidelines are assigned to the Cinefondation category. Those that are not able to follow to guidelines or meet the criteria are assigned to the Films Out of the Competition category. Films under this category are still recognized by the festival committee although they are not able to comply with the requirements because they may have shown potential in some ways. Meanwhile, films that are created using unconventional methods are classified under the Un Certain Regard category.

Outside the Festival

Cannes and its neighboring cities in the French Riviera is considered as the most glamorous and luxurious cities in the country. Aside from attending the Festival de Cannes, one can also revel in the weather during this time in May. Most attendees extend their trips after the festivities to enjoy the beauty of southern France and to explore all other cities that are within close proximity, such as Nice and Toulouse.
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